• Episode: 35 “Let’s go to the Galaxy!”
  • Actor: Eiichi Matsushima
  • Voice: Kazuo Kumakura

Alien Pumpkin is an alien who plotted to make the Earth into pumpkin fields all over the planet, and he came to the Earth on July 7.

It is when the Star Festival (Tanabata) is annually and customarily celebrated in Japan while legend has it that Orihime (Weaving Princess representing Vega) and Kengyu/Hikoboshi (Cowman for Altair) are allowed to see each other only once a year as the two who had fallen in love turned out to be separated by the Milky Way in between.

Orihime manipulated by Alien Pumpkin firing beams at Daisaku and his friends

Of all things, Alien Pumpkin abducted Orihime and manipulated her to get rid of Booska and Chamegon with her super abilities as they were in the way for his plot (to turn the whole Earth into a pumpkin field!).

Manipulated by Alien Pumpkin, Orihime came to the Earth and changed Daisaku and his friends along with his parents into …pumpkins.

The pumpkin Daisaku turned into by being exposed to Orihime’s beam attack

By order of Alien Pumpkin, Orihime shapeshifted into Daisaku to trap Booska and Chamegon, and she turned Booska into a pumpkin too while Chamegon’s ring beam from his tail brought Booska back to normal.

After freeing Orihime from Alien Pumpkin’s control, Chamegon shapeshifted himself into Orihime to trap Alien Pumpkin, and they managed to knock him down in the end, then the alien was brought back to space by a rocket Chamegon had shapeshifted into.

Orihime got to see Kengyu

Thanks to Booska and Chamegon, Orihime and Kengyu got to see each other, and Orihime gave the two kaijus a miniature star that makes any hope come true explaining one single good thing you did turns into a star.

And the people made into pumpkins also returned to normal with the power of the miniature star.

The moment Booska prayed to the star wishing happiness for all the people living on the Earth, not only for themselves, the tiny star soared into the night sky and turned into a real star to watch over all the people on the globe.

Booska prays to the miniature star wishing happiness for all the people on the Earth

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