Alien Quraso design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “The origin of the idea is a mask. I tried to make it evoke a sense of the universe by making it look metallic while mixing up a European mask and Japanese mask.”

Narita’s remark and his design of Alien Quraso make us imagine he should have had something like a robber mask and ninja mask in mind to design this alien.

The finished design also makes the alien look like a refined version of Kemur with a similar projecting part on top of their heads and their eyes positioned on the groove-like lowered part likewise while their eyes impressively move sideways as the mechanism should have been equipped by Shigeo Kurakata.

Alien Quraso head, hands and boots at Atelier May

Ryosaku Takayama seems to have sculpted Alien Quraso’s head, hands and boots, and it is said that the wetsuit used for Kemur II was reused for Alien Quraso.

While his hands with sharp claws are also excellently sculpted along with his head, the thing is neither the design drawn by Narita nor the head sculpted by Takayama originally had no mouth although the simple, mechanical and geometrically-shaped mouth Quraso finally had never stops attracting us.

The head pictured at Takayama’s Atelier May has neither eyes nor mouth as the eyes had yet to be placed along with the mechanism.

Alien Quraso head tried on by someone at Atelier May

As Narita’s design and Takayama-sculpted head have a lowered space that looks like it is where a mouth should be positioned, it might be that Alien Quraso’s mouth was supposed to be wider or more differently shaped than the completed head.

The picture of the head below with the eyes and mouth properly placed should have been taken at the Bisen studio where the head got the mechanism to move eyes equipped by Kurakata.

While Alien Quraso is my other favorite alien, Tetsuo Yamamura says in a book he actually saw the costume burnt in reality for the ending scenes of the episode.

Quraso head probably pictured at the Bisen studio

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