Episode Episode 6: Space Prisoner 303
Alias Blaze Mystery Man
Height 2.5 – 43 meters
Weight 250 kilograms – 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Quraso
Features Feeding on gasoline; breathing out fire
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Yasushi Matsubara

Alien Quraso is the alien with a similar appearance to Kemur appearing in Ultra Q and Ultraman.

He’s an alien who escaped from Planet Quraso, the 8th planet of Cosmopolitas, in the one man spacecraft Space Pony to the Earth.

The thing is, as the episode title shows, he’s the atrocious Space Prisoner 303 wanted by the police of Planet Quraso.

The vicious criminal alien feeds on gasoline and attacked innocent people for it.

He finally assaulted the Mizushimas and locked himself in their home taking the family members hostage.

Space Pony

As a child, I remember the scenes of the Mizushimas were so horrifying.

Alerted by the second son of the Mizushimas who just barely got out, the Ultra Garrison rushed to the site.

But Alien Quraso snatched the Pointer with Anne on board.

Manipulating Anne under hypnosis, he tried to escape to space by hijacking the Beta of the Ultra Hawk 1.

At Dan’s suggestion, the Ultra Garrison attempt a mid air docking among the three fighters, Alpha, Beta and Gamma of the Hawk 1 to save Anne.

Although the Hawk 1 is capable of mid air connection and disconnection from the very beginning, the scenes of the mid air connection are marvelous with a lot of excitement. I really love it!!!

Quraso at the Mizushimas

After Anne was rescued, the Beta got disconnected and crashed into the ground.

Having transformed into Ultraseven, Dan escaped from the Beta.

Giant Quraso emerged and exploded in flames.

This episode is well known as the one having no battle scenes between Alien Quraso and Ultraseven leaving the hero just life-sized and appearing for a moment.

The script seems to have had fighting scenes between them inside the Beta, but looks like they were not filmed perhaps due to the episode length.

That certainly made me disappointed as a child, but I didn’t dislike this episode, and this is one of my favorites now.

The mid air docking scenes are just wonderful!

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  1. I found it weird that Dan just transformed into Seven to escape the Ultra Hawk…and Quraso turned giant but just exploded because he drank too much gasoline or something…

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