Alien residing in a Japanese apartment house

Metron and Dan (Episode 8)
Suspicious neighbor (Episode 10)

Among aliens of “Ultra Seven,” there are those who may reside in your neighborhood.

Episode 10 “The Suspicious Neighbor” is about one of them.

Pretending to be a human, the neighbor is Alien Icarus plotting invasion from a world of four dimensions.

It may reflect the dilution of human relationships among neighbors due to rapid urbanization of the time in Tokyo, which is being accelerated today.


Alien Icarus

Alien Metron in Episode 8 “The Targeted Town,” directed by Akio Jissoji, is found to reside in a shabby Japanese apartment house.

I’m not sure Metron may love plain living by nature, but it is unexpected an alien plotting invasion of  Earth lives in a shabby apartment house.

The fans talk about the surreal scene a lot in which Metron invites Dan trailing him to his room in a friendly way and they talk to each other.


Shabby Japanese apartment house Metron resides in

It is funny to see them sit cross-legged with a Japanese low dining table (called chabudai)  in between on the straw mat (called tatami).

In spite of his friendly manner, Metron is so sly as to invade Earth without force by having humans lose each other’s trust.

I loved the chabudai-talk scene so much as a child.

Though shabby, such an apartment house was commonly seen at the time in Tokyo.

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