As Alien Ruperts named Zemi was a human-shaped alien, there is nothing to talk about regarding the design and sculpture. Zemi was played by Keiko Mizuki. It seems that she was an actress Kazuho Mitsuta who directed this episode had ever been drawn to.

Although I don’t remember which book has this story, I think Mitsuta wrote he had hoped to associate with her but that he gave it up as he heard Mizuki would be getting married.

When Mitsuta started seeing another woman, he came across with Mizuki waiting for a bus at the bus stop and asked her if she got married. She answered no as she decided not to marry the man.

Alien Ruperts’ spacecraft that is not talked about much

Mitsuta admits, the moment the word/words “(Would you marry) me?” got stuck on the tip of his tongue, she got on the bus and it drove away. He jokingly says the bus should have been an incarnation of the woman he was seeing then.

As to Zemi, I feel like Mizuno’s low-pitched voice suited the friendly alien who warned of Bostang coming to invade Earth sent by Alien Keel. I vividly remember the mysteriousness with which her voice was heard from the jukebox when I watched this episode as a kid.

Come to think of it, while Alien Ruperts was a forerunner of subsequent human-shaped aliens who appeared in “Ultraseven,” an equivalent Alien Magellan Maya was also associated with a jukebox. No wonder I tried to stay away from jukeboxes when I found one as a kid because I would hate to hear an alien’s voice come from it or to vanish with smoke given out of it.

The optical compositing was used for the scene in which Manjome and Ippei were found coming close to the bar viewed from the inside of the bar through the door, and I think it is  a great job.

Along with the ostentatious tokusatsu scenes using miniatures, props and costumes, I also find such a subtle usage of tokusatsu attractive enough.

The last quote spoken by Zemi “the person right next to you might be an alien” could be a theme developing into Ultraseven Episode 10 “The Suspicious Neighbor.”

Unfortunately, little is known about what happened to Mizuki in later years although she seems to have continued to appear in TV shows until the 1980s.

2 thoughts on “ALIEN RUPERTS (making)”

  1. I remember the first time I saw this episode, I thought the ending would be that the Ruperts were actually the invaders, and that Bostang was a police alien sent to stop Zemi! Zemi was able to convince everyone that she was the good alien because she looked human and could speak Japanese.

    One feature I enjoy in the present-day publications is that they sometimes have brief interviews with guest stars who were only in one episode. Too bad they have not yet had such a feature on Mizuki, but maybe there will be an Ultra Q 55th Anniversary publication in 2021 where they will show her!

    1. What a fantastic story! They were fairly taken in by Ruperts and Bostang was a good guy then!
      Yes, I hope she will come up by that time!
      Thanks for sharing your story!

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