Alien Salome showed their Seven to Dan
Episode Episode 46: The Duel: Dan vs. Seven
Alias Invasion Alien
Height 1.9 meters
Weight 120 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Salome
Features Manipulating Fake Ultraseven they built
Actor Masao Takahashi (boss); KIyomi Katena (female)

Alien Salome (pronounced as /saromeh/ in Japanese) are the aliens with exactly the same appearances as earthlings (Japanese somehow) along with Maya, Alien Magellan and the human race of Planet 4.

With four of them who can be found in the drama, they acted based on their hide out, lighthouse on Cape Irago in Aichi Prefecture, reminiscent of Alien Cannan.

They blasted the Hydranger with members of the TDF aboard investigating reported mysterious phenomenon taking place around Cape Irago.

Talk Machine

In fact they were building their robot Ultraseven they called ‘our Seven’ in their secret factory.

And they lured Dan to the lighthouse and captured him to get the secret of Ultra Beam (probably meaning Emerium Beam) out of him forcefully.

The information on Ultra Beam was essential for giving life to their Seven and completing it.

Dan with Ultra Eye left in a car was forced to confess the secret of the beam, which was MGSH3GWFB1 (is this a chemical formula?), by their talk machine, and the generated beam was injected into their Seven at last.

Salome’s spaceship camouflaged as a ferry boat

And the aliens left the base with their spaceship disguised as a ferry boat leaving Dan shacked in the hideout to be blasted with him.

In the end of the episode, watching real Ultraseven fighting against their Seven in the sea, they got delighted with the huge explosion they witnessed firmly believing their robot beat the real one.

But the aliens were brought far across the sea in their spaceship by real Ultraseven (naturally) who came up to the surface and were blasted with the ship.

Salome in delight believing in their Seven’s victory

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