Alien Shadow designs drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita:

(about Alien Shadow) “Female molds of sculptures have a strange feeling of vitality. I wanted to make the female mold into the face so that the inverted bumps and dents could be applied to the face. Although I don’t think it looked so good in the show, I’d like to complete Alien Shadow by sculpting it myself as a future challenge.

“By the by, my sculpture work “Fossil of Human with Wings” I exhibited to Shin Seisaku Kyōkai (Association for New Art) shortly after I resigned Tsuburaya Productions was worked out by making this whole body into the female mold.”

(about Gublla) “I got the idea from the caterpiller.”

Full body design of Alien Shadow drawn by Tohl Narita
Alien Shadow heads at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May

Although it is a bit hard to understand Narita’s words about his sculpture work, I think it means he applied the idea of inverted bumps and dents to his work from Alien Shadow by making the whole human body into the dented form.

As to the heads sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama for the show, the photo below tells us that the helmets were removable. It is said the aliens’ clothes were made by the dress-making section of Tsuburaya Productions.

As to Gublla, Tetsuo Yamamura says that the costume was really well made while the head and the tips of the arms were made of FRP with its body including the tail cast from the mold as each segment was different in size and shape.

Gublla design drawn by Tohl Narita
Enlarged head part from the above image

It is said that Gublla’s hair was made from plant fibers, the same material as Woo.

Yamamura says the scene of Gublla’s head being melted down was filmed with a plaster head coated with gold wax as they were melting the wax with a hairdryer.

It is known that the mask of Alien Shadow was fleetingly used in the ending scene of “Kaiki Daisakusen (Operation Mystery)” Episode 11 “The Jaguar’s Eyes Are Red.”

Gublla at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May

6 thoughts on “ALIEN SHADOW; GUBLLA (making)”

  1. I’ve recently put in glass shelves in my office space to feature ‘Ultraseven’ heroes, monsters, and aliens. Here are Alien Shadow and Gubbla (made by Marmit 2000), you’ll see Alien Cannan and Alien Tepeto nearby as well. These figures are from the ‘manga’ line, but they really capture what’s in the live action show, these are some of my favorite figures! It’s really fun learning the background and creation of these characters, so thank you!

    1. You are most welcome! Alien Cannan and Alien Tepero from the manga look fantastic along with Alien Shadow that looks so real! Gublla also looks nice!
      Thanks for sharing this great photo! It is always amazing to find how big your collection is. We should be buried alive with stacks of dolls if it is in a Japanese house that is so small in general!

  2. Gublla is one of my favorite monsters designs ever. The way the eyesockets are where one would think the nostrils should be is a special touch. Up until now I thought it was a reused Goldon suit (given the shape of the feet), but I guess it wasn’t! I wish I could see Narita’s original sketch for this one.

    1. Oh,my goodness, it just slipped off my mind! Here it is! Oh, yeah, it may look similar to Goldon. Gublla is an attractively weird kaiju. It is also fun to find he has dents where the eyes should be!

      1. Thank you Booska san! The dents and misplaced features really make Gubbla resonate with the Shadow aliens! Much more than, say, Eleking and its owners. I really appreciate this synergy of elements.

        1. You are most welcome! Hope you like it! Yeah, I agree to the synergy effect brought about by a kaiju and its master alien that should be one of the attraction especially about Ultraseven!

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