Episode Episode 23: Find Tomorrow
Alias Space Guerrillas
Height 2 meters
Weight 70 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Shadow
Features Abusing a fortune-teller; manipulating Gublla
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Koichi Ueda; Chieko Sato (female)
Voice Koichi Ueda; Mariko Oshima (female)

Alien Shadow is the alien who plotted to destroy the Depo 03 (‘marusan soko’ in Japanese. Soko meas depo. Marusan came from the toy maker Marusan though, of course, not in the drama).

The Depo 03 looks just like a storehouse but is actually the secret factory of the TDF for weapons development.

They tried to kill Yasui (played by Michio Kida), fortune-teller actually capable to tell the future, as he saw through their plots with second sight.

Yasui temporarily sheltered in the TDF Base

And the Depo 03 exploded as he predicted.

Deeming Yasui’s second sight to get in the way of their plans, multiple Alien Shadows chased Yasui persistently, which was so horrifying to me as a kid.

When Yasui ran into a cab, he found the driver was one of the aliens and was taken away.

After capturing Yasui, they tried to compel him to make false predictions to distract the attention of the TDF.

When a man Yasui spoke to turned around…

But their spacecraft hidden underground was found by the Ultra Garrison.

When the spacecraft got struck down by Ultraseven, they offered to surrender, but they made kaiju Gublla appear and fight against Ultraseven.

Although they are cowardly aliens, I found the design with the nose supposed to protrude sunken so impressive even as a child.

Tohl Narita, designer, also refers to Alien Shadow as one of his favorites.

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