Giradorus primary design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: (about the primary design of Giradorus) “Although this was a kaiju I wanted to make, I dropped it because I thought there could be some difficulties when filming rather than when sculpting.”

(about the final design of Giradorus) “We had a kaiju for the first time in a while after consecutive appearances of aliens. A man got in by standing on his knees moving the kaiju’s head with his arms put into it.”

Following yesterday’s entry, Takashi Kitahara who played Alien Shaplay’s human form also says he voiced the alien in the scene of crying “Giradorus! Giradorus!” while falling off the cliff as much expressively as possible as if the alien would be possessing the kaiju.

Giradorus final design drawn by Tohl Narita

Kitahara says his grandson who watched this episode on DVD with him cheered Alien Shaplay and Giradorus in tears shouting, “Come on! Hang in there, Grandpa!” Kitahara adds that he has been very much proud of this role he played in the glorious show “Ultraseven” in his long career as an actor thanking all viewers.

As to Giradorus, the design was drastically changed from the primary version to the final one by Tohl Narita, I think the one dropped also looks attractive enough.

With the same method as Zumbolar of “Ultraman” applied to Giradorus for its luminescent parts, Shigeo Kurakata (in charge of mechanism) says in an interview that, as the translucent parts were made from FRP by Ryosaku Takayama as thinly as possible so as to make them lit up from inside and that the thinness gave Kurakata a hard time because the heated light bulbs set inside could have melt them.

The style of having a man act standing on his knees is the same as Alien Iyros.  Tohl Narita seems to have got back on right track in his kaiju designs as well along with alien designs.

By the way, Dr. Iwamura, Sakaki’s superior, played by Yoshio Yoshida (1911-1986) was so impressive with such a grumpy nature as to make the Ultra Garrison members cringe even including Dan supposed to be the superhero while I found it so funny when I watched this episode as a kid.

Yoshida is also known to have acted Mephisto (older brother), the lazy devil summoned by the protagonist boy, in “Akumakun” (the younger brother was played by Kenji Ushio known as Jigoku Taishi/Ambassador Hell in “Kamen Rider”).

Yoshio Yoshida as Mephisto in “Akumakun”

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