Episode Episode 20: Smash Epicenter X
Alias Dark Alien
Height 1.7 meters
Weight 60 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Shaplay
Features Manipulating Giradorus
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (head); Costume Dept. of Tsuburaya Productions (dress)
Actor Teruo Aragaki
Voice Takashi Kitahara
Human Form Takashi Kitahara

Talking about Epicenter X soon after Area X makes me feel a bit bad. I hope you will not say, “Not again!”

Alien Shaplay is the alien who tried to bring out Ultonium (fictional mineral) from the Earth’s nucleus with the use of Kaiju Giradorus.

If it’s dug out in a large amount, the loss of the nucleus will make Earth cave in.

He acted disguising himself as Sakaki (played by Takashi Kitahara), assistant to Dr. Iwamura (Yoshio Yoshida) of the International Nucleus Research Center.

Dr. Iwamura (left) and Sakaki over Ultonium

He also attempted to hypnotize Anne with the illusional shades of an alien into believing Dr. Iwamura was the evil alien.

Driven into a corner by Dr. Iwamura, however, Sakaki gave himself away at last.

Identifying himself as Alien Shaplay from the Dark Nebula, he changed into the alien form by putting a metal plate onto the left side of his chest. (Dr. Iwamura cornered Sakaki pointing out the metal plate was made of an extraterrestrial substance.)

Mysterious shade of an alien created by Alien Shaplay

It’s interesting that an alien used a transformation item like the Ultra heroes.

Shot by Soga and Anne with their Ultraguns, he fell off the cliff in flames and died crying out the name of Giradorus.

I find Alien Sahplay attractive although he was beaten immediately.

As Sakaki appeared to be such a nice man, he was least likely to be an evil alien.

It’s also fun to see the alien dressed like humans although it’s for reducing production costs of the show.

It’s also noteworthy the toes of his boots curled upward like the ones of Ultraman’s Type B costume (to a greater extent than the Type B) if you happen to be interested.  😀


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