Episode Episode 41: The Challenge from the Water
Alias Aquatic Mysterious Man
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 55 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Tepeto
Features Looking like kappa; manipulating Kaiju Tepeto
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (heads and arms for three of them)
Actor Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki)

Alien Tepeto are the aquatic aliens who were going ahead with Earth invasion plots based in (fictional) Lake Ishu.

They have an appearance similar to kappa (literally ‘river kid’), aquatic yokai (monstrous demon or imp) that often appear in Japanese folklore or legends.

The rumor that kappa emerged in Lake Ishu attracted a group of kappa maniacs calling themselves ‘Japan Kappa Club.’

A sci-fi writer among them assumed kappa legends that have been around since early times should be about aliens from space.


When they were keeping an eye on the lake, those who showed up from underwater were the Ultra Garrison members looking into Lake Ishu after detecting something wrong with the lake.

In the meantime one of the club members was found dead having his carotid artery severed, and that made the UG start a full-scale investigation in Lake Ishu.

While surveying in water, Dan was captured and left shackled underwater by the aliens with Anne on the boat also left unconscious by being wrapped in mysterious smoke that came up suddenly.


While looking for Dan and Anne who went missing, the UG found a giant egg emerging from underwater, and Kaiju Tepeto showed up from inside the egg.

Dan turned into Ultraseven in water and fought against Tepeto.

When the monster was defeated by Ultraseven, the aliens tried to escape in their spacecraft, but it was blasted by the Ultra Hawk 3.

Alien Tepeto’s spacecraft

Although Alien Tepeto seemingly plotted to keep people away from Lake Ishu by spreading a rumor that horrifying kappa had appeared in and around  the lake, it actually ended up having the opposite effect.

They probably ignored Japanese formidable maniac traits. The ignorance is really an ‘Ishu.’

Japan Kappa Club

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