Episode Episode 5: The Negated Hours
Alias Space Lobster Man
Height 1.8 – 40 meters
Weight 100 kilograms – 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Vira
Features Capable of stopping time
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor None (puppet)
Voice Mahito Tsujimura

Alien Vira  is the alien like a fan lobster who calls himself Conqueror of the Entire Universe and is capable of stopping time with their time stopping beam.

Alien Vira froze the time around the TDF SST (supersonic transport) with Dr. Yushima on board and ‘planted Alien Vira’s mind’ into him.

Dr. Yushima (played by Koichi Yamamoto) is a renowned scientist nicknamed Earth’s Brain who developed the Yushima Diode,

The UG members met and welcomed Dr. Yushima who arrived from the TDF Science Center of the South Pole to install the diode to the super-long-distance radar of the TDF Far East Base.

Staff Officer Manabe and Captain Kiriyama welcoming Dr. Yushima

Alien Vira plotted to make Dr. Yushima destroy the TDF radar system and to assault the Earth by sending a group of spacecrafts while the TDF Base was in confusion.

Dan skeptical about Dr. Yushima found him being manipulated by Alien Vira.

But, misled by Dr. Yushima into suspecting Dan to be a possible spy of an alien, the UG members locked Dan in the cell.

Having turned into Ultraseven, Dan broke through the bars and made Dy. Yushima faint with Emerium Beam when he was tying to destroy Ultra Hawk 1.


Ultraseven fought against Alien Vira who appeared from his spacecraft shot down by Emerium Beam.

Although the alien fought a good fight against Ultraseven, he was stopped by Seven with his Stop Beam and finished off with Eye Slugger.

The rest of the alien’s spacecrafts were smashed by the UG, and Dan, of course, got cleared of suspicion.

Alien Vira may need a good vacation at his villa.

I love this episode as well because of the atmosphere just like a sci-fi drama.

Stop Beam stops the motion of Alien Vira

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