Alien Waiell & Japanese Bento Box Meal

Following my article about Senkichi Omura, probably you notice wrapped stuff the man Omura played was dangling while he was walking staggeringly in Ultraseven Episode 2 featuring Alien Waiell.

Actually the scenes of the drunken man staggering on the street with such a wrapped box are a typical way to depict in films and shows a Japanese office worker who worked overtime and is on his way home late in the evening after getting a drink after work.

The box could be a food gift such as sushi for his beloved family or it could be for calming down his irritated wife waiting for her husband who comes home late (her irritation is not always from her love for her husband, though).

Anyway, I hear the stuff the man was dangling when being attacked by Alien Waiell was a box meal (called bento/bentō in Japanese) which was regularly provided for the cast and crew members in the location shootings for the Tsuburaya products. (Sorry, I made a mistake. Please see the correction in my next post)

It is said the box meals were cooked and delivered by Masudaya, a now-defunct eating place that used to be located near Tsuburaya Productions back then.

It is likely that, as Masudaya had a large red lantern in front of the store, the box meals were called Akachochin (red lantern) Bento among them.

It seems that the meal boxeds failed to gain much popularity among the cast and crew members as the contents were very much frugal due to the limited show budget as Hiroko Sakurai who played Akiko Fuji says in her book she was totally fed up with the Akachochin Bento which often ended up miserably with only salted rice balls with a few slices of pickles although they had to go through tough shootings all day long (amazingly, she says the rice ball bentos were served twice a day for lunch and dinner at times).

You can see Masudaya appear in Ultraseven Episode 45 as an eating place Fukushin came into for lunch.

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