Episode Episode 2: The Green Terror
Alias Creature X
Height 1.8 – 150 meters
Weight 100 kilograms – 13,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Waiell
Features Emitting a wave-like beam from the body
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki); Kokichi Sasaki (assistant director of the drama part, for the scenes in the train)
Human Form Asao Matsumoto (TDF member Ishiguro)

Alien Waiell is one of my favorite aliens especially in terms of how he was depicted in the drama.

The Japanese name is pronounced as YR (wye-ar) because the name came from the Japanese term yo-ryoku-so, chlorophyl.

He’s set to have come from Planet Waiell covered with plants all over the planet.

He was also introduced as Creature X of Planet Waiell in my childhood, which made me think this creature could be the monster Alien Waiell sent to the earth for invasion. (This gives me sleepless nights again 🙂 )

Meteorite in the yard (with real Ishiguro inside)

He disguised himself as the TDF member Ishiguro who returned from the Space Station V3 and started to assault people every night

The people sprayed with the alien’s mysterious liquid turned into the form of Alien Waiell.

Alien Waiell allegedly plotted to dominate the earth by increasing plant humans like them.  (…for what?)

He kept Ishiguro captured in a meteorite placed in the yard of the Ishiguros.

A smaller meteorite (electronic brain) he had enabled him to change into Ishiguro in use of image transmission from the large meteorite.

Fake Ishiguro and Ishiguro’s wife

Dan found out the meteorites were composed of Chirusonite (Tilsonite?) 808 which was not around on the earth.

With the small meteorite broken by Dan, fake Ishiguro turned back into Alien Waiell in the presence of Mrs. Ishiguro on a train for Hakone on the way to their villa.

After becoming a giant, Alien Waiell was split into two by Ultraseven’s Eye Slugger with the body parts shot and burnt up by Emerium Beam.

Real Ishiguro was rescued from the meteorite, and people made into Alien Waiell turned back into humans eventually.

Look to your side, Mrs. Ishiguro!

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