Alien Wild design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: (about Alien Wild) “This is a design of an aged alien.” (about Nurse) “I made a dragon look mechanical.”

Alien Wild is not an alien sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama but allegedly by the “Ultraseven” art staff while it is assumed that it was the equivalent of the art section of Tsuburaya Productions.

Although not much is known about the section, it is likely that it was formed to insource the work of making kaiju costumes to reduce cost around the time when “Ultraseven” was being produced.

As the design has no antenna the costume had, it should have been added afterwards, and it is explained the hair covering the whole body was made from scrubbing brushes (just like Alien Icarus).

Alien Wild converted into a stage show costume

The costume seems to have been converted into a stage show costume afterwards by adding a mask covering his face to allow anyone to wear the suit while his antenna is found missing. I find it a fun thing to see one of the photos seemingly taken playfully as it comes home to me that it was really an idyllic time at any rate.

As a trivia, it is known among fans that, on the occasion that the Ultra Garrison found out the alien in a cave, Captain Kiriyama uses a firearm that looks just like the Pegassa Gun although, of course, the same prop was reused in this episode with no relationship between them in the settings.

Nurse design drawn by Tohl Narita

I find the design of Nurse really fantastic as it looks so fascinating with the concept of making a dragon look mechanical and futuristic. Narita’s ability is just amazing while designing such a form applying futuristic but well-organized features to it as it makes us fully aware it is exactly a dragon although it looks mechanical.

While it is explained that two puppets of different sizes, large and small, were made by Ryosaku Takayama apart from the flying saucer version (it is not mentioned who sculpted the UFO version). As to its head, I more than admire Takayama’s skillful sculpting ability to make Narita’s design into a solid body in such an excellent way.

Excellently designed and sculpted head of Nurse

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