Episode Episode 11: Fly to Devil’s Mountain
Alias Space Wild Man
Height 2.2 meters
Weight 150 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Wild
Features Capturing people’s lives with the Life Camera; controlling the Space Dragon Nurse
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Art crew of the show
Actor Teruo Aragaki
Voice Eiji Maruyama

Alien Wild is the alien set to be from the planet where their species are on the brink of extinction due to aging.

With no intention to invade the Earth, he came here wanting for some of the earthlings’ fresh young lives.

He has the Life Camera capable of sucking the life out of people with their lives captured alive on film though they are left physically dead.

I hear there was a belief among people that cameras could suck the life out of them and shorten their lives as the result if they were shot when cameras were brought into Japan in the Meiji Period (1868-1912),

Dan captured on the Life Camera

Such a superstition may make you laugh, but they may have been more sensible of something like the life energy captured on film than modern people, which made them think that way.

Anyway, including one of the cowboys of a pasture and the police officers, Dan also fell victim to the Life Camera.

As a child, I didn’t find Alien Wild so much attractive as he’s just a hairy alien having a funny antenna on the head, though it emitted a beam which paralyzed Soga, with the actor’s face just exposed.

The UG checking the camera Alien Wild left behind in the cave where he was hiding

As an adult, I find the name seemingly too straightforward with no twist.

But the scenes in which, while he admitted the selfishness of his deed, he desperately begged the UG members to return the film to him as his perishing fellows were awaiting him evoke sympathy.

Alien Wild was shot dead by Soga when running up to the Space Dragon Nurse controlled by him.

Now I’m surprised to find it explained that the actor for Alien Wild was Teruo Aragaki, one of the regular suit actors, because I didn’t know it.

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