Episode Episode 35: Horror on the Moon
Alias Revenge Mysterious Man
Height 1.9 meters
Weight 60 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Hermes (not Planet Zamppa somehow)
Features Manipulating Petero
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Undescribed
Actor (Alegedly) Kunio Suzuki
Human Form Jiro Tsuruga

Alien Zamppa is the alien who tried to take revenge on Captain Kiriyama and the Space Station V3 Captain Kurata.

It’s narrated in the drama that he was the survivor of Alien Zamppa whose spacecraft fleet were wiped off three years ago by the two when the aliens attempted to invade Earth.

The alien disguised himself as Shirahama, one of Kurata’s subordinates, after killing the TDF man.

Captain Kurata (left) and Shirahama in the Station Hawk on its way to the Moon

While waiting for Kurata and Kiriyama to work together again as a team, he lured them out by making Kaiju Petero destroy the TDF Moon Base.

Captain Kiriyama and Dan who arrived there became aware of Shirahama’s real identity, and Shirahama turned into Alien Zamppa.

After he was shot dead by Dan (with a ray gun never seen before), Kaiju Petero appeared.

Kurata (right) and Shirahama investigating the ruined Moon Base

Although both Alien Zamppa and Petero are rather inconspicuous among the characters of Ultraseven, I find them attractive enough.

I quite like the design of Alien Zamppa with the surreal-looking geometric patters on the face.

As to the design of characters I see what could be called the ‘Ikeya style’ start rising around this episode.

It seems that the name Zamppa came from the street performer Zampano played by Anthony Quinn in the 1954 Italian film ‘La Strada’ (The Road) although it was previously described to be from Cape Zanpa of Okinawa.

Shirahama showed his true colors as Alien Zamppa

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    1. What a synchronicity! Yes, it’s such a strange monster. I’ve just posted about it. Hope you will enjoy it!

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