Alien Zarab design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “I tried to make something that would make you unaware of the neck and shoulders.”

Narita’s remark tells us that how to hide the human body shape was an essential part of making kaiju characters to be played by actors with costumes.

The body of Alien Zarab is described to be the reuse of that of Giant Ragon with the fins removed.

Tetsuo Yamamura says in a book that the Zarab head was made from FRP coated with latex on the surface. He assumes the legs of the body might have been shortened as he found the alien was short although Umenosuke Izumi who played Giant Ragon was a tall man.

As I have already talked about it, Alien Zarab’s hollowed eyes show some characteristics typical to Narita while each eye has an eye hole in the center with radiation lines coming from the center outwardly (or the other way around).

The same type of eyes were applied to Ultraseven and Human that Narita designed while the radiation lines seem to have been left out for the mask of Human.

Alien Zarab at the back of the Bisen studio

The mouth movement of Alien Zarab is said to have been brought about by a balloon set inside. Although human-sized Zarab had ears that were found to rise from the head, he only had hollows for those parts when he turned into the giant version.

As Narita’s design of this alien has no raised ears, I guess the tokusatsu part featuring giant Zarab might have been filmed ahead of the drama part that featured human-sized Zarab while the raised ears were added to the costume perhaps because the head shape could look too plain when viewed from the front.

You can see that the head part was not attached and integrated to the body but was just fastened to the body part with bands or straps.

Alien Zarab II had no difference in appearance from the first Alien Zarab with his ears in the caved-in state. His silence opposite to the talkative first Zarab makes us aware Zarab II was being manipulated by Alien Mefilas or just an illusion created by Mefilas.

I think I will post another entry in the future on the making of Fake Ultraman that Alien Zarab changed into along with the making of Zoffy.

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