Episode Episode 18: “The Brother from Another World”
Alias Vicious Alien
Height 1.8 m – 40 m
Weight 30 t – 20,000 t
Emergence Tokyo
Homeplace Planet Zarab
Features Described below
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Takeshi Aono (also providing the voice for Zarab)

Alien Zarab is the second alien appearing in “Ultraman” following Alien Baltan if Baltan is bundled with Baltan II as the same species.

Zarab is such a wily and crafty alien.

He was an agent of Planet Zarab who had worked to destroy multiple civilizations on different planets. (He described it as his mission he was born for.)

Stating the word Zarab meant brother in the human language, life-sized Zarab came close to the SSSP members in a friendly manner pretending to be a good guy.


He first appeared in a radioactive mist which covered Tokyo.

Though he caused the mist behind the scenes, he erased it in a showy manner before the SSSP.

And he brought a stranded Saturn exploration rocket and its crew back to near earth.

All of these were an act to win earthlings’ trust.

Zarab had various supernatural abilities such as hypnosis, teleportation and transforming ability.

He transformed into Akiko Fuji and hypnotized Ide to bug a defense meeting where he was talked about.


Eventually, he transformed into Ultraman and went on a rampage in the street to make people think Ultraman was an enemy while leaving Hayata tied up with bands.

But the Zarab-made bands broke quite easily with tears Hoshino shed on them while the young boy was trying to sever them by a nipper in vain.

I interpret this impressive scene as this calculating alien was not well aware of and prepared for purity of the human heart.

Shot by Spaceum Beam of real Ultraman, Fake Ultraman showed his true colors as gigantic Zarab.


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