Aliens of “Ultraman”

Alien Baltan III (Episode 33)

Regarding “Ultraman,” it doesn’t have so many aliens as “Ultra Seven” though the shooting started with Alien Baltan for Episode 2.

But every one of them is very much attractive, impressive and unique!

I was personally more impressed with the episodes featuring aliens than monsters through “Ultraman.”

Don’t get me wrong.


Kemur II (Episode 33)

I don’t mean the episodes with monsters featured are no fun.

But it is undeniable it makes the drama more attractive if something like conspiracy unique to intelligent life is added to the story, which is a touch hardly included in the episodes featuring monsters.

As a matter of fact, it is likely those episodes with aliens were popular in general.

And I hear that’s one of the reasons why aliens were exclusively featured in “Ultra Seven.”


Alien Zetton (Episode 39)

Other than Alien Baltan, which appears three times in it, “Ultraman”  only has Alien Zarab, Dada, Alien Mefilas and Alien Zetton as aliens.

Though the real name remains unknown, the enigmatic alien who controls Space Dinosaur Zetton is called Alien Zetton for the sake of convenience.

It is well known the head of Alien Zetton is the reused one of Kemur of “Ultra Q.”

Kemur also appears in Episode 33 of “Ultraman” as one of the subordinates along with Alien Baltan and Alien Zarab controlled under Alien Mefilas.

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