Allegory of today

Metron’s space ship coming out from inside the shabby apartment house

It is also fun to see the space ship of Alien Metron with Dan trapped within appears from inside the apartment house.

It looks odd in the miniature set of a factory town which should have sustained Japan’s high economic growth of the time.

Especially Akio Jissoji should like to put something odd in daily sight, which I think worked out.


Other than the products directed by Mr. Jissoji, you can see such episodes frequently in the Ultra Series.

In Episode 45 of “Ultra Seven,” written and directed by Akio Jissoji, Alien Perolynga also resides in an ordinary Japanese house of the time disguised as a little boy.

The early Ultra Series were being produced on the premise of export to abroad.

So it is said scenes unique to Japan such as an shabby apartment house or tatami mats were perceived to be taboo among the producers at the time.


In short, they were supposed to avoid having something in associated with a certain nation and time to make the product pass worldwide. (Having said that, it is Japan in every respect.)

But Mr. Jissoji broke the rule again in Episode 45 like nothing.

Episode 45 is quite allegorical and one of my favorites.

Ultra may be called an allegory of today.

Alien Perolynga (Episode 45)

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