Amazing! “Ultra Fight” Ultraseven Costume Still In Existence!

It seems that an Ultraseven exhibition is now underway at Ehime Prefectural Museum of History and Culture in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan.

While I am not going to see the exhibition as it is too far from Tokyo, a variety of items including newly made costumes of Ultraseven characters and props actually used at that time are likely to be displayed as I find it will be a lot of fun although I should already have seen most of them at an exhibition held near Tokyo.

Meanwhile, what drew my attention about this exhibition is that, amazingly enough, the Ultraseven costume used in “Ultra Fight” for real is reported to be on display as well.

It comes as a total surprise that the costume still remains in existence as I have never heard of it, and it is a great thing to have it displayed at the exhibition.

As a man introduced as a toy collector described it as a “historical material” in a news show reporting on the exhibition, it is really a precious item that should also be displayed where it is more accessible from Tokyo.

While I think it is the same suit as the one I dealt with in my previous article with the eyes caved in, the condition of the costume is eloquent in making us feel it was actually used in the show “Ultra Fight” with deterioration in parts of it although it appears to have been well preserved (it should have been repaired to look nice enough).

The back of the head is still black as it was in the show, and, comparing it to the newly made costume, it makes me aware of the differences including the “presence” between the original Ultraseven mask and a newly sculpted mask.

While my understanding is one of the Ultraseven costumes used in “Ultraseven” was reused in “Ultra Fight,” they should have been cast from the same mold even if the “Ultra Fight” Ultraseven costume should have been the one made exclusively for stage shows or something.

I think it should deserve to be designated as a national treasure!

(The video of the news show covering the exhibition is available on YouTube at

“Ultra Fight” Ultraseven
This should be a newly made costume of Ultraseven

4 thoughts on “Amazing! “Ultra Fight” Ultraseven Costume Still In Existence!”

  1. I compose a picture from the YouTube as a full frontal picture.
    Do you agree with me, Even over 40 years The Original suit still looks great !

  2. Even just seeing the pictures of Ultraseven costume used in “Ultra Fight” , I was so excited too. and I have one observation. The old mask used to paint with a brush. ฺBut The New generation mask Often used spray paint as It gives a different surface of the mask and a different feeling. It’s too slick. I think They repainted this ultra7mask by spraying.

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