Episode Episode 16: Shining Eyes in the Darkness
Alias Rock Alien
Height 30 meters
Weight 150,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Annon
Features Alien with only eyes; possessing a rocky body
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura
Voice Shinji Nakae (same as Metron of Episode 8)

Annon is the alien who came to the Earth mistakenly deeming the unmanned observation rocket the Sakura 9 launched by the Space Department as invasion on Planet Annon.

It’s a bit shame to find the story line turned out to be similar to that of Episode 14 & 15 aired just before. (Episode 16 was produced ahead of these two episodes in production order.)

Nonetheless, what is interesting is that Annon is an alien with only eyes.

Annon’s eye staring at Dan

Kiriyama assumed he should be an alien having only brains, so he may be an insubstantial alien with high intelligence.

He needs the abstract-shaped rocky ‘body’ he possesses to act.

When the Sakura 9 returned home from Planet Annon and exploded after landing, his ‘body’ in the reduced size was accidentally thrown out of the rocket in explosion.

The ‘body’ was picked up by a boy named Hiroshi, and Annon got him to bring it to the (fictional) Jigokuyama Mountain promising to make his dreams come true in exchange.

Hiroshi with Annon’s ‘body’

Annon finally combined with the ‘body.’

While Hiroshi was rescued by Ultraseven safely, Kiriyama vainly tried to persuade Annon into returning home explaining the Sakura 9 was not meant to be for invasion.

After a fierce fight, Seven managed to persuade the alien at last.

Leaving word that they would not allow any attacks on Planet Annon, the shining eyes came apart from the body and flew away into the night sky.

Annon’s beam from the lovely eyes

It’s good to find Annon was a faithful alien unlike Alien Pedan.

I love the idea of an insubstantial alien and also find the tiny round glowing eyes on the rocky body so cute.

Incidentally, the alien was called Alien Annon in my childhood, but he seems to be commonly called just Annon now somehow.

There’s likely to be an explanation referring to the alien as Alien Annon and the monster form made of the rocky body as Annon.

There may be many sleepless nights thinking over this issue. 🙂

Seven’s Stop Beam literally stopped Annon

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