Annu Mari & Anne Yuri #1

Annu Mari as Patty in Ultraman

As you know, Anne Yuri is the character played by Yuriko Hishimi in “Ultraseven” set to be the only female member of the Ultra Garrison as a skilled and talented woman who belongs to the elite team of the world-wide defense organization TDF along with her job at the Medical Center of the base as a medical doctor (She is set to be so instead of a nurse).

And it is commonly assumed that her name should have come from Annu Mari, the actress who exists in real life and appeared in “Ultraman” Episode 32 as Patty, SSSP female member from the India Branch of the organization.


Incidentally, they are called “Mari Annu” and “Yuri Anne” here in Japan as the last name is customarily set to come before the first name.

Annu Mari attractively played Patty as a bright, active, charming woman, and she also appeared later in “Ultraseven” Episode 34 for the role of Yuta Hanamura who was, in contrast with Patty, a medium with a quiet, mysterious, enigmatic presence although she was being controlled by an alien (“yuta” represents “medium” in the Okinawan language, so it’s not the character’s first name but her title).


As an actress originally from Toho who was born to a Japanese mother and an Indian father and brought up in Japan, Mari seems to have already been popular with her appearances in movies and TV shows when she appeared in Ultraman (I don’t know much about it as I was a kid).

It is said that Tetsuo Kinjo, more than the main script writer for the original Ultra Series because he was involved even in planning of the series as the head of the planning section of Tsuburaya Productions, was a big fan of Annu Mari and that he might have created the character Anne with the idea of having Mari play the role in mind as the similarity of the names, Annu Mari and Anne Yuri, indicates.

The Ultraseven episode in which Mari appeared was written by Kinjo.

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