Annu Mari & Anne Yuri #2

Annu Mari as Yuta Hanamura in Ultraseven

Although little is publicly referred to about exactly why Annu Mari as Anne Yuri was not realized in Ultraseven, Mari herself says in interviews covered in books titled “Ultraman Kenkyū Hakusho (research paper)” and “Ultraseven Kenkyū Hakusho” released from Yōsensha that she doesn’t know whether it is true that they had the idea to have her play Anne in Ultraseven.

She says that she should have received an offer from Tsuburaya Productions through the talent agency she was/has been with for an appearance as a regular cast member in a Tsuburaya product even though she doesn’t know what it was.


But the offer seems to have been declined as she was reluctant to be occupied by acting a main character for a year-long TV series while she was busy enough back then.

She also admits that she didn’t like to work at the shabby shed-like studio of the Bisen/Tokyo Bijutsu Sentā (Art Center) where the Ultra Series were filmed either.

When the interviewer mentioned that Tetsuo Kinjo was a big fan of her, Mari said, although she knows it now, she was not aware of it at all at that time while she noticed Anne Yuri should have come from her name, jokingly adding that she might have agreed to the offer if she had known Kinjo was a big fan of her.


She says Kinjo didn’t say anything about it to her even when the two met in a TV show later around the time when the Okinawa Ocean Expo was held in 1975 as Kinjo was originally from Okinawa and was involved in the exposition after he had left Tsuburaya although Kinjo died in an accident in 1976.

As to the name Annu Mari, Mari says the record company King Record gave her the name when she debuted as a singer from the company and that she didn’t like it because it sounded funny as it was unclear which was the first name as both of them, Annu and Mari, could be seen as the first name.

If I am allowed to refer to my memory, the name “Anne” of the Ultra Garrison member sounded odd to me back then as it was unusual for a Japanese name (the name was also used in Ultraman Episode 22).

Yuriko Hishimi says in her latest book that Mari and she have been friendly with each other for long and that they often talk over the phone even now.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great information about Annu Mari! I have a book about Tetsuo Kinjo but I have never read it (it takes me a long time to read something in Japanese), but I will see if it mentions anything about Kinjo being a fan of hers. Also, I didn’t know that Annu Mari was a singer. I’ll try to find some of her songs! Another actress that I only found out a few years ago had an album is Kikko Matsuoka, who I think was in some Tsuburaya series like Mighty Jack. Her record was re-released on CD so I got it. Thanks again for the great information!

    1. You are most welcome! I didn’t know she was a singer, either. And I doubt if she is also renowned as a singer today…
      The name Kikko Matsuoka sounds very much nostalgic! 🙂

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