Another Tokusatsu-Related Actor, Chikara Hashimoto, Passed Away

Daimajin played by Hashimoto

An obituary of Chikara Hashimoto who played Daimajin in its suit was published. According to it, he died of lung cancer at 83 on October 11.

While I hadn’t known  it, he is described as an actor who used to be a professional baseball player. After his resignation from baseball due to an accidental injury, he turned into an actor at the suggestion of an assistant director of Daiei movie company.

Taking advantage of his height, he was picked for the role of Daimajin for its Daiei movies, and he acted the character for all the three episode of the series.

Dymon played by Hashimoto

It is known that, when he was about to act Daimajin, he was told not to blink, while his eyes were exposed through its mask with the eye parts uncovered, because it would be unsuitable for the guardian deity to blink like a human.

Therefore, it seems that Hashimoto never blinked while the scenes where Daimajin appeared were being filmed, and it is said that, as the dust swirling in the studio made his eyes bloodshot, which allegedly managed to make Daimajin’s furious expression on its face all the more impressive unintentionally as the result even with its mask covering Hashimoto’s face.

Hashimoto in “Fist of Fury”

Although I didn’t know this either, Hashimoto is likely to have also acted Dymon in the 1968 Daiei “yōkai” movie “Yōkai Daisensō (Yōkai Great War)” and got to make the character as much impressive with its suit designed to have his eyes exposed again.

And, moreover, I have just learnt he played one of the Japanese bad guy martial artists impressively in Bruce Lee’s 1972 “Fist of Fury.” It makes me feel somewhat ashamed that I didn’t notice it at all while both the “Daimajin” movie series and “Fist of Fury” are my favorites!

After he stopped being an actor in 1985, chances are that he showed up at some tokusatsu-related events and the like as the Daimajin actor.

The series of obituaries of tokusatsu-related actors such as Haruo Nakajima and Yoshio Tsuchiya really make me sad…

9 thoughts on “Another Tokusatsu-Related Actor, Chikara Hashimoto, Passed Away”

    1. Oh, these two definitely look alike! Nevertheless, as far as I checked on the Internet, Hashimoto seems to have appeared in Daimajin Part 2 instead of 3 playing two roles: Daimajin and the human character credited as Shunpei Ikenaga although I don’t remember which character it was…
      Anyway thanks for all your opinions. They were very much interesting!

  1. It’s very saddening to hear of these tokusatsu actors passing away. But surely they will be remembered.

    Many producers and actors of classic tokusatsu are getting old now, hopefully new generation fans can help continue the tokusatsu genre in the future.

    1. Oh, yes, exactly. Hope this blog will help new generation fans of tokusatsu to learn more about the original Ultra Series all over the world!

  2. It takes a long time from your last post, booska-san. so I feel worried about you. but This post made me cured of anxiety. About Mr.CHIKARA HASHIMOTO I feel sorry about his sad news .This year we have too much of sad news. “Daimajin” movie series are also my favorites as well (especially part 3).

    1. When I saw the movie “Stand by me” (Rob Reiner’s 1986 film), A scene where The boys are trying to cross a railroad bridge over a river Feel like The scene where the boys are trying to cross the chasm in Daimajin part 3 It made me think may be Stephen King or Rob Reiner have seen this Scence from Daimajin part3 …Who know?

        1. Wow! You may guess right! What a resemblance! I remember I saw the movie “Stand by Me” when it was shown. Was it in the 80s? Oh, my goodness! 🙂 This makes it more likely that I will be able to enjoy both the Daimajin movie and “Stand by Me” again with more excitement!
          Thanks for your information!

    2. Sorry for my belated reply, Pisit-san. And thank you very much for worrying about me! I’m perfectly all right, I’ve just been extremely busy lately.
      I am glad to learn that you’re another fan of Daimajin! That’s another series placed on top of my list to watch again!

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