Episode Episode 39: The Seven Assassination Plan (Beginning)
Alias Magnificently Powered Monster (I hope this makes sense)
Height 45 meters
Weight 13,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Guts
Features Underdog manipulated by Alien Guts
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Art crew of Tsuburaya Productions
Actor Toshihiko Saikyo (allegedly. But he says he doesn’t remember playing Aron in a recent book interview so possibly someone else)

Aron is the monster Alien Guts sent in as an underdog to test Ultraseven’s abilities while plotting to invade Earth by putting him to death before the eyes of earthlings.

They were aware that Dan was Ultraseven and found it easy to kill him in the human form.

But the aliens thought executing Ultraseven (instead of Dan) in the presence of humans would make the invasion process easier as earthlings rely upon and place their hope in the hero.

Intelligently enough, they made Aron fight against Ultraseven first and thoroughly checked up on him.

Aron looking like an imp

Aron just appeared as sepia toned images in the scenes in which Alien Guts explained Ultraseven’s superabilities to his buddies in their spacecraft.

The multiple changes of the scenes tell us they fought repeatedly in different circumstances and possibly on different occasions.

Seemingly without any particular abilities but the one making itself invisible, Aron was finally beaten by having its head chopped off with Eye Slugger.

“Dan, Are you taking our challenge?”Guts provoked Dan

Leaving Capsule Monster Windom blasted to death with a beam attack fired from their spacecraft, Alien Guts showed up in front of Dan and challenged him in an attempt to make him turn into Ultraseven.

While Dan tried not to respond to their provocation, the Ultra Hawk 3 that found the aliens’ spacecraft got shot down, and they abducted Soga temporarily.

When the aliens exploded the bridge Dan passed on in the Pointer, he finally transformed into Ultraseven.

Windom shot by Guts’ spacecraft

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