B-type mask of Ultraman

Ultraman (B-type)

Akira Sasaki, sculptor who modeled Ultraman’s mask with Toru Narita, says in a book interview that the gimmick to open and close Ultraman’s mouth did not work well.

It was supposed to move as the suit actor, Satoshi Furuya, moves his chin.

Also unnatural wrinkles lingered around the mouth.

As I said in the previous post, the A-type mask looks a bit scary.

Ultraman (A-type)

I hear there were children who thought a spaceman like this might be there for real.

Anyway, Ultraman got a new mask called “B-type.”

The B-type mask was made of FRP only omitting the gimmick to open and close the mouth completely.

It had been long said that the B-type mask was made from the same clay prototype as the A-type with only the difference in material.

But in a recent interview above, Sasaki says he modeled the new prototype for the B-type and, later, the C-type respectively.

He adds that he likes the B-type mask best among the 3 types of the Ultraman’s mask he modeled.

Because he finds the finishing work of the B-type mask to give him the impression of sharpness most among the three types.

Personally, I like the B-type mask best, too.

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