Episode Episode 19: “Demons Rise Again”
Alias Red Blaze Monster
Height 55 m
Weight 25,000 t
Emergence Soil depot in a suburban area
Homeplace Three hundred million five thousand years ago
Features Sealed in a capsule; breathing out fire
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Yasuhiro Tajiri

A capsule filled with blue liquid was dug out of a construction site.

It was assumed to be sort of a time capsule (super)ancient humans buried deep in the ground three hundred million five thousand years ago.

An enigmatic sheet metal was also found together with the capsule.

The capsule was taken to the mineral laboratory for inspection and research.

However, another capsule containing red liquid inside was accidentally unearthed from the ground at the same site while people were unaware of it.


In short, there were two capsules buried by ancient humans.

The red liquid capsule was ignorantly dumped at a soil depot.

When a lightening struck the capsule left behind at night, the red monster Banila showed up.

It was revealed the sheet metal had characters like hieroglyphics which appeared on the wall in reflection when illuminated with light.

The characters were deciphered with difficulty.

And a significant fact was discovered at last.


Ancient humans sealed demon monsters, red Banila and blue Abolas, into a capsule respectively after a struggle.

The writing was concluded with a warning to make sure the capsules should never be unsealed, stating that the human beings would perish if the two monsters should come back to life.

But that ship had sailed.

Following the emergence of Banila, the blue monster Abolas also appeared from the mineral laboratory before long.

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