Beautiful B-type Ultraman

Ultraman (B-type)

When I was 10 years old or so, I was reading an Ultraman book.

Children at my age almost lost their interest in Ultra and they were much more absorbed in baseball.

But I still stuck to Ultra.

When reading the book, I noticed a photo of Ultraman which looked a bit different from the one I was familiar with.

Ultraman (B-type)

That was B-type Ultraman.

At that time, “Kaette-kita Ultraman” (Returned Ultraman/1971-72) was broadcast as the new Ultra Series.

And for the new Ultraman the C-type mask was duplicated and used.

So I was familiar with the C-type mask.

The B-type Ultraman in the book looked so beautiful to me.

Now I see sculptural beauty in the B-type mask.

You can see the angles of the eyes and ears in a fine balance with the firm mouth.

Someone said the B-type Ultraman is most suitable for Ultraman.

I quite agree.

Akira Sasaki says in a recent book he tried on the mouth gimmick again for the B-type mask at that time.

He tried to make the chin of Ultraman as a different part but finally gave it up because the different part could not avoid making the surface uneven around the mouth.

Besides whether the gimmick is necessary or not, I admire all their inexhaustible challenges.

It is also attractive to see the B-type mask look so much different in accordance with different angles.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful B-type Ultraman”

  1. Dear Booska-san,
    like The other kids,I didn’t notice the difference of the Ultraman Masks back then Although sometime I feel strange about The face of Ultraman in the pictures Until I have read the Mook Fantastic Collection of UltraQ Man and Seven after I graduated the university. It was 32 years ago. About The Ultraman paper Mask, As I remember it has small Japanese letters in the corner So I think It’s artwork must came from japan .Today I still looking for it in Ebay but I didn’t find it yet.

    1. I see. 🙂 Your remark definitely reminds me of the paper masks we used to have as kids.
      I might still love the simple taste of those paper masks!

  2. In episode 26-27 a kid Character called “Kaiju Prince” wore Plastic Ultraman’s Mask. When I look at The picture, Sometime I Think May be I call myself “Kaiju Prince”?. This was my good memory about Beautiful B type Mask.

    1. Yeah, that makes me realize children will be children in every part of the world. It is great to learn the Ultraman series should have made Kaiju Prince appear world wide!

      Actually the toy mask which appeared in these episodes was that of the Type A mask of Ultraman which had been long around in Japan at that time.
      That’s why I find it great that Thai people already distinguished between the two masks even back then! 🙂

    1. Great! Thai people should have known the difference even back then!
      Where is the image of the Type B mask from? As it is rare to see a photo of the front view of the mask shown in publications except the ones from different angles.

  3. One day I found a picture in an old family’s picture album and then I recall…
    It was one weekend around year ’68- 69. My Aunt had The opening tailor shop party and The Children were joyful with the food, snacks and playing. Me and My cousin bought paper masks to play from the grocery shop, Kaiju’s Mask for my cousin and sure Ultraman’s Mask for me. While we were fighting under The mask ,We heard The Photographer call everyone to take a Picture Then We lined up in front of The Camera. In a second I got an Idea to scroll down Ultraman’s Mask on my chest to show my face , And then the picture was taken.

    1. Your photo kindly shared truly evokes a sense of nostalgia even though it’s about another country…
      Thanks for sharing the wonderful picture!

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