Beauty of Fake Ultraman

The design of Ultraman has variations.

Fake Ultraman appearing in Episode 18  is one of them.

And Zoffy in Episode 39 (last episode of Ultraman) is another.

Fake Ultraman is a figure Alien Zarab transformed into.

It rampages through the town so as to make earthlings think Ultraman has become their enemy.

Fake Ultraman is given up-angled eyes and sharp edges, probably, to make it look malicious.

As a child, I found it strange to see people in the drama unaware of the difference between the real one and the fake which is obvious to us!


The fake battled with the real one and it showed its true colors as Alien Zarab.

It was exciting as a child to watch the two of Ultraman to battle with each other.

Fake Ultraman is shorter than but as slim-looking as the real Ultraman.

The body of the suit is said to be remolded from that of A-type Ultraman.

The mask of Fake Ultraman molded by Akira Sasaki is as much beautiful as real Ultraman.

The sharpened shape of the whole mask looks very nice.


It is said the mask is remolded from that of B-type Ultraman or newly molded.

Akira Sasaki says he dimly remembers he molded only the head of Fake Ultraman (maybe newly, I suppose).

Tetsuo Yamamura, suit actor, says he saw detached Fake Ultraman’s mask decorated on the wall in Mr.Sasaki’s atelier after the shooting.

He says it looked so sharp that it was even more nice-looking than the real Ultraman.

Alien Zarab (life-sized version)

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