Beauty of Furuya Ultraman

Spaceum Beam pose by Furuya Ultraman (B Type)

I acknowledge the current production people are showing much respect to the original Ultraman played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya.

And, at the same time, the beauty of the original Ultraman played by him is absolutely in a different league, I think.

The look of the mask, the body shape, the entire balance and so on…


The pose of Spaceum Beam with the fingers curled up characteristic to the original Shodai (the first) Ultraman can be hardly seen among Shodai Ultramans played by someone else after him.

Mr. Furuya says in his memoir “A Man Who Became Ultraman” that he practiced the pose 300 times every night before going to bed.

According to the book, Toshihiro Iijima, director, Koichi Takano, SFX director, and Mr. Furuya worked out the pose discussing among them on the shooting set.


Mr. Furuya’s long forearm makes his Spaceum pose outstandingly beautiful.

Especially, my favorite B Type Ultraman is so much beautiful and attractive.

Mr. Furuya’s tall and thin body shape and play greatly contributed to making the superhero look just like an alien from space.

No wonder Tohl Narita, designer, praised Furuya Ultraman as the one he expected saying, “I feel like I’m watching a beautiful sculpture.”

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