Big Soft Vinyl Figure of Ultraman Is Very Nice!


The other day I purchased a soft vinyl figure of Ultraman recently released from Bandai, much larger than the ones that have been around.

And, also, I found a plastic model of the Space VTOL and bought it as well!

First of all, the figure is a pretty good one that looks quite similar to the real Ultraman found in the show.

As it’s about 9 inches tall, it’s much more impressive than the regular-sized soft vinyl figures already released from Bandai.


Actually, the regular ones that had ever been around were reduced in size a couple of years ago for some reason (I imagine it’s for making them more affordable or so).

So I find this bigger one very much satisfactory about its size and appearance.

The cool thing is that it has the original Ultraman’s features reproduced rather excellently and faithfully for a handy soft vinyl figure of this kind.


While lifelike figures of Ultra Heroes can be found at much higher prices out there, I find this is a real bargain.

This Big Soft Vinyl Figure Series also seems to include Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Zero and Ultraman X although I only bought this Ultraman.

It’s a shame to find that Ultraseven is not among them yet, but I will surely get it immediately if it should be released in the future!

Let me talk about the Space VTOL plastic model in my following post!


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