Charm of “Ultra Kaijyu Nyumon”

Zetton (left), the strongest Kaijyu which defeated Ultraman,

Following the previous post, what is enjoyable with this kind of book of those days is that you can expand the view of the Ultra world by the settings presented in these books only.

In those days, the settings of this kind of book often get away from the ones depicted in the drama.

That may mean freer interpretation of the drama was allowed at that time than now.

For example,”Zetton”, Ultra Kaijyu which defeated Ultraman in the last epidode of “Ultraman”, is said in this book to spit fireball as hot as one trillion degrees in centigrade.

Zetton does not spit such fireball in the drama.
But such “another setting” managed to make us feel Zetton is strong enough to defeat Utraman.

“Twintail”, which appears in “Kaette-kita Ultraman” (Return of Ultraman,1971), is said to taste like shrimps when eaten.

Boys like me in those days read such things and found them really enjoyable.

You could say our imagination was expanded so much by these books.

Shoji Otomo was the key player in editing such books.

Not in this book, but we also find anatomical drawings of Ultra Kaijyu in this kind of books.

It is said it was also Otomo’s idea.

He is a legendary guy as long as you talk about the other world of “Ultra.”

Each Kaijyu is presented with its footprint as you may find below.

Twintail (lower left) tastes like shrimp

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