Designer: allegedly designed by Tatsuo Kuroda (it remains uncertain)
Sculptor: Shimada Art Craft in the site of Toho (first costume); Ex Production (the rest of the costumes)
Actor: Haruyoshi Nakamura, Yukihiro Kiyono, Kunio Suzuki (depending on the episode)
Voice: Kazue Takahashi (actress)

Booska is a friendly monster who was starred in the TV tokusatsu comedy series “Kaiju Booska” (1966-1967: 47 episodes) produced by Tsuburaya Productions around the same time as “Ultraman” while they aired on different channels.

Incidentally, the Chinese characters used for kaiju in the title represent “pleasant beast ()” instead of “mysterious beast ()” the Chinese characters of the term kaiju usually stand for, so it is sort of a phonetic pun from the kaiju referring to mysterious beast.

Booska came into being as Daisaku Tonda, boy who likes inventing things tried to make an iguana he kept as a pet into a Godzilla-like giant kaiju with the use of his self-made nutrient Chlopara that was supposed to increase the size of the iguana by 300 times.

Whereas the substance failed to make the iguana a Godzilla-like kaiju, it finally managed to make a monster emerge with almost the same height and the same level of intelligence as humans.

Booska also has various super abilities including strong power described as “100 ton power” and flight ability in the air.

As to his personality, he is not fond of fighting, gentle, good-natured and easy-going while he is loved so much as a good friend by kids including Daisaku he lives with.

Moreover, he is often found to use his own phrasal expressions referred to as the Booska language such as “barasa, barasa” (to express happiness), “shio shio no pā” (for sadness) and “puri puri no kiririnko! ka! ka! ka!” (for anger) along with the Japanese language he is so fluent at (he also understands English to the extent that he can read a letter written in the language).

His “Boo Crown” momentarilly shines on the regular basis before flying into the sky

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    1. Yeah, thanks to pisit, we can enjoy the nice images of the Booska toys made in Thailand.
      And thank you for the fun photo of the Booska merchandise you kindly shared with us. Every toy looks so funny and attractive!

  1. At that time, I never heard or know about Marusan toy. But the country boy like me had this little plastic figure to play. (About 4 cm. high)

    1. Oh, pisit-san, your reply with these images almost makes me weep with happiness while it definitely makes me aware how much we can share in common including things we enjoyed in our childhood even if we are in different countries…

      It also gave me a great relief as I was not sure about how much is known about Booska among people outside of Japan!

      Thank you so much for sharing all of these!!!

  2. Nobody doesn’t like booska. Especially me, fell in love with booska since i was a kid (Do not misunderstood I mean booska in tv.series not booska-San, ha-ha). I still remember the episode that booska had a new brother “shamegon” and he tried to solve the problem that his brother had done it. The story in this episode express the elder brother’s love to younger brother. Though I have no brother but sister, this story deeply impressed me till now. And so …. Who would not love booska?

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