Alongside of his keen sense of smell and hearing, Booska is also capable to use psychokinesis, and he can reduce his size, too. In addition, he has many more funny features which make him look truly adorable.

He is such a big eater with a big appetite as to eat up even 30 helpings of ramen noodles he is very much fond of at a time with ease, and he hates tortoises so much that they drive him crazy the moment he looks at one.

The Boo Crown he wears supplies him with energy from Booskanium, a substance allegedly generated inside the crown to enable him to use his super abilities (he is found to wear the crown from the very beginning somehow while it apparently looks artificial).

If the crown is warmed, it brings his intelligence to the same level as academics, and, if it is cooled, it works the other way around. If the crown comes off, it critically weakens him leaving any of his super abilities unusable while it is often found to put him in trouble throughout the episodes.

“Shio shio no pā” Booska weakened without his Boo Crown

When he gets angry, the crown lets out smoke the instant he finishes saying “puri puri no kiririnko! ka! ka! ka!” with a particular gesture to express anger.

He has a strong sense of justice and takes the initiative to save people when they are in trouble wishing for everyone’s happiness.

He can stretch out his pig-like tail to reach out for and fetch things. Furthermore, the tail is capable to detect a lie if the person who holds it is trying to deceive him like a lie detector (from Episode 15; the crown sparkles when a lie is detected).

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