Boss of Seven

Boss of Seven appearing at Dan’s bedside (Episode 48)

LIke Ultraman has a fellow member of the Space Ranger, Ultra Seven has a fellow of his own.

Seven’s fellow appears in the last two episodes of “Ultra Seven.”

He doesn’t identify himself in the drama and is commonly called “Boss of Seven” for the sake of convenience.

He doesn’t appear substantially, but just the vision appears.


Boss of Seven: “No. 340… No, I’ll call you ‘Ultra Seven’ as you’re called on Earth.”

“Ultra Seven” is the name Earthlings gave to Seven and he’s actually the fixed star observer No. 340 of Nebula M78.

Boss of Seven repeatedly warns Seven (Dan) to get back to Nebula M78 immediately because Seven has suffered serious damage from tough battles with the aliens to defend Earth against them.

His further stay on Earth will put his life in danger.


It’s a message which came by telepathy from Nebula M78 to urge Seven to return home.

And Boss of Seven tells Dan not to transform into Seven and fight against the enemy any more to save energy as otherwise he will not be able to return home which means his death.

Boss of Seven looks exactly the same as Seven though with a different voice because the suit of Ultra Seven was used as it was and played by Koji Uenishi.

Boss of Seven stopping Dan from becoming Seven (Episode 49)

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