A: Clapton primary design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita:

(about Clapton & Bostang) “We were supposed to have an episode titled “OIL·SOS,” and I designed A (specified as such in this blog) as a plankton kaiju feeding on oil. While it developed into B1 and B2, the production of the episode was called off, and we got “Space Directive M774″ instead in which the kaiju changed into a stingray kaiju. I made a stingray into the design from my favorite photo almost as it was. (C1 and C2) ”

(about Alien Ruperts’s Spacecraft) “I didn’t like making it just an ordinary spacecraft, and it came to be shaped this way.”

(about Bostang egg) “I wanted to make the surface look like the Jupiter pattern rather than physiological (organic) colors expected from a giant fish egg.”

Although this entry is titled as “Bostang; Alien Keel” in accordance with my “Kaiju Pictorial” article on them, Alien Keel didn’t appear in the show while its name was just referred to by Alien Ruperts Zemi. Narita’s remarks make us aware that the kaiju’s name Clapton should have been an anagram of “plankton” by putting syllables into a different order, not after the famous guitarist.

While I find the spacecraft designed by Narita looks attractive enough, it didn’t come up actually in the show as a differently shaped equivalent appeared instead as I happened to post the picture in my previous entry on the “making” of Alien Ruperts.

Even though the prop of Clapton was being sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama, on the occasion of the episode changing into “Space Directive M774” through the other version of the script titled “The Targeted Planet,” it is said that the prop was remodeled into Bostang, and it is known that the prop used in the show still remains in existence.

Including this prop, at any rate, the stuff Takayama sculpted strangely makes us feel a sense of life even if it looks shabby after being deteriorated by the passage of time while the same is true of the heads of Gomora, Abolas and Banila.

It seems that the word “Bostang” is fictionally set to mean “eternal/immortal life” in the Alien Keel language.

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