Episode Episode 21: Space Directive M774
Alias Space Stingray
Height 50 meters
Width 40 meters
Weight 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Keel
Features Manipulated by Alien Keel
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor None (puppet)

Bostang is a space stingray sent in by Alien Keel to invade Earth.

After it came out of an egg that fell down from space into the waters of Miura Peninsula, it attacked a passing tanker.

Relying on its sense of hearing to make an attack, it has a habit of jumping up out of water like a manta ray making squeaky sounds.

After Zemi, Alien Ruperts, informed people of its intrusion into Earth, the monster ray was found out in the sea by a patrol boat of the Japan Coast Guard with Manjome and the others aboard accompanied by Zemi.

Bostang’s egg letting out bubbles undersea

In the end, Bostang was smashed into pieces with rocket shells fired from jet fighters of the Japan Self-Defense Forces that rushed to the area to rescue the patrol vessel.

Although it’s set to be a monster manipulated by Alien Keel, the alien didn’t appear with just the name referred to by Zemi.

As to Bostang, while I’d like to say it is no ordinary ray, it’s a shame that I have to say it’s just an ordinary ray after all that doesn’t look like a dangerous space monster (it looks so cute instead).

Zemi and the captain of the patrol boat (played by Susumu Fijita, not the TDF chief) watching the acts of Bostang

Alien Keel is the forerunner of an alien who doesn’t appear just leaving the name known followed by Alien Mimy of Ultraseven while Mimy’s spacecraft was seen.

I rather like this episode, however, as I remember that the scenes of the jukebox in a desolate bar with which Manjome communicated with Zemi was quite impressive to me as a kid.

I felt like I myself slipped into another universe with Manjome and Ippei back then, and I also like the entire atmosphere of the episode with a mysterious feel.

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