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From the ending scenes of Episode 17

Incidentally, while Hoshino-kun played by Akihide Tsuzawa was portrayed to become an official member of the SSSP in Episode 17 gifted with his own uniform for his credit he got in that episode, he already appeared wearing the uniform in Episode 16.

This is because, as these two episodes were directed by Toshihiro Iijima and Episode 17 was produced ahead of Episode 16, the latter ended up coming before the former in the broadcast order.

Tsuzawa says he was extremely happy about the long-awaited opportunity to wear the uniform as his happiness can be conveyed for real even through the screen.

A talk among the SSSP members covered in the book “The Genesis of Ultraman” (published in 2004; authored by Hiroko Sakurai) with Iijima (center) and Tsuzawa (leftmost)

Mitsunobu Kaneko (1957-1997) who played Akumakun and Daisaku Kusama (in Giant Robo) is reported to have died in an accident at the age of 39 unfortunately after he resigned his acting job as a kid.

Yoshinobu Kaneko (1955-present) who played Aokage (in Masked NInja Akakage) and Sanpei (in Kappa No Sanpei) also left show business in his 20s, but it seems that he still publicly appears mainly in tokusatsu-related events.

Although their names look similar and Yoshinobu says they were often mistaken for brothers by viewers because of their names, they are no kin and, according to Yoshinobu, they have met only once.

Actually Yoshinobu Kaneko can be found to have appeared in Episode 15 of Ultraman as one of Mushiba’s friends (mushiba means cavity) while Mushiba’s scribble turned into Gavadon in the first place.

Yoshinoby Kaneko in Ultraman Episode 15

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