Episode Episode 17: “Passport to Infinity”
Alias 4D Monster
Height 60 m
Weight 60,000 t
Emergence Japan’s SSSP Headquarter
Homeplace Four-dimensional world
Features Four-dimensional attacks
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Bullton is an oddly or abstractly-shaped and funny-looking monster which came from the four-dimensional world.

It has an appearance which makes us imagine a sea anemone or sea squirt.

It may also be described as a living tetrapod (a structure used to prevent coastal erosion) and also resembles a heart.

It always keeps making sounds like heart sounds actually.

As it has no limbs, it just rolls over when moving.


It came out of two meteorites, when they merged, which an explorer found in Barone (I’m not sure about how to spell it in English) Desert and brought to Japan.

Each meteorite unfolded into a V-shaped mineral-looking creature with antennas temporarily and caused four-dimensional phenomena though it returned to the form of a meteorite.

After the merger, Bullton stuck antennas out of the projecting square tubular parts of the body capable of various four-dimensional attacks.

That included making ships and tanks fly in the sky and fighter jets run on the ground all of which eventually were destroyed in explosion.


Along with the SSSP members Ultraman was also disturbed by the monster’s odd attacks.

But his high-speed spin destroyed the monster’s antennas and disabled its attacks.

With two consecutive shots of  Spaceum Beam on it while trying to escape into the sky, Bullton returned back to the form of an meteorite and was crushed in Ultraman’s hand.

As It’s from a different dimension, it was a monster beyond our understanding in terms of its form and habits.

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