By the way, who is Ultraman?


Ultraman is a spaceman from M-78 Seiun (Nebula M-78) which is said to be 3 million light-years away from the Milky Way Galaxy in the setting.

He is a member of Uchu Keibi-tai (Space Ranger) of M-78 Seiun.

M-78 Seiun is also called “Hikari-no-kuni” (the Land of Light).

He is a giant 40 meters tall.

He can fly in the sky at the speed of Mach 5.

Ultraman appears in front of Hayata

He came to Earth chasing Bemular, Uchu Kaijyu (space monster).

Bemular came to the earth transforming into a blue light ball.

On the other hand, Ultraman came after it transforming into a red light ball.

While chasing Bemular, the red light ball mistakenly collided with the VTOL which Hayata, member of Kagaku Tokuso-tai (Science Special Search Party), flew for investigation.

Ultraman gave Hayata the Beta Capsule

Hayata’s body was wrapped up in the red light ball.

Ultraman appeared in there and apologized to Hayata.

He says he is going to give his life to Hayata.


Hayata: “Your life? What will happen to you?”

Ultraman: “I will become one with you and would like to work for the peace of Earth.”


Ultraman gave the “Beta Capsule” to Hayata which makes his transformation into Ultraman possible when in trouble.

The Katokutai (abbreviation of Kagaku Tokuso-tai) attacked Bemular but was no match for it.

Hayata flashed the Beta Capsule!

A silver giant no one has never seen before stands up there in font of Bemular!

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