C-type mask of Ultraman

Ultraman (C-type)

The A-type mask was used for the first 13 episodes.
The B-type for the next 16 episodes.
The C-type for the last 10 episodes.

The B-type is proud of the longest exposure.

The biggest enigma is why the B-type was changed to the C-type.
It should not have been necessary to change the mask.

Akira Sasaki says he does not remember why.

Ultraman (C-type)

Toru Narita said when he was alive he does not understand the difference between the B-type and the C-type.

His remark is very confusing.

As it was a long time ago,the truth is unknown.

Anyway,the C-type is the most standard Ultraman mask you can see these days even though, surprisingly, it was used only for the last 10 episodes.

Ultraman (B-type)

The C-type mask has been duplicated and used for Ultraman downward up to now including Kaette-kita Ultraman (Returned Ultraman/1971-72 ).

The original C-type mask is beautiful in a different way from the B-type.
The mouth bigger than the B-type looks slightly smiling and the whole impression is gentle.

It may be suitable for a hero.
Some fans say the C-type is the most complete Ultraman.

I like the C-type mask,too.

But, even though it should be incomplete in shape, I love the B-type Ultraman, too.

Japanese may find beauty in something incomplete rather than complete.

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