Capsule Monsters


Dan has Capsule Monsters with him.

They battle with the enemies in place of Seven whenever Dan is unable to return to Seven for some reason.

Capsule Monsters which appear in the drama are 3 of those: Windom, Miclas and Agira.

All of them are not strong at all because they just serve to make the stage for Ultra Seven before he finally appears.



They are not so smart either but each of them are lovable ones.

They are also very much faithful to Seven though Windom gets out of control just one time because the electronic brain was deranged by aliens. (Episode 24)

It is also well known famous Pocket Monster (Pokemon) which is so popular among children of the world modeled after Capsule Monster.

The Pokemon producers are likely to be fans of “Seven.”



It is said there was an idea to have monsters of “Ultraman” appear as Capsule Monsters in the planning stage.

They say, as aliens appear mostly in the drama with the subject of aliens’ invasion of Earth, the producers wished to have more monsters appear as well.

Also, it looks like newly designed monsters were deemed to be preferable, given merchandising of the product such as toys, instead of having monsters of “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman” appear.

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