Captain Ultra

Captain Ultra & his buddies fighting against Metalinome

The early Ultra Series, in fact, are not only the First Trilogy, “Ultra Q,” “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven.”

“Ultraman” started to be broadcast just after the end of “Ultra Q,” but there was a product titled “Captain Ultra” (1967) between “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven.”

“Captain Ultra” was not a product produced by Tsuburaya Productions.

It was created by Toei Company, which is one of the movie companies founded after Toho Company known for Godzilla.

In fact, “Ultraman” ended up with 39 episodes in spite of its high viewer ratings which marked the highest rating of over 40%.


Alien Bandel

Because the belated shooting failed to keep up with the broadcasting.

The TBS which broadcast “Ultraman” at the time decided to start “Captain Ultra” after “Ultraman.”

Tsuburaya Productions was given half a year to prepare for their next Ultra which was “Ultra Seven.”

As long as “Captain Ultra” was produced by another company, it’s not counted in the Tsuburaya’s Ultra Series currently.


Satoshi Furuya (left; Ultraman) & Hirohisa Nakata (Captain Ultra) , handshake for the handover

“Captain Ultra” was subtitled “Uchu Tokusatsu Series (Space SFX Series),” not “Kuuso Tokusatsu Series (Fantsy SFX Series)” which covered the First Trilogy.
“Captain Ultra,” was named after “Captain Future,” an American science fiction novel series.

It was a product like a space opera.

It had a unique taste different from Tsuburaya’s products.

It was fun to watch it as a child.

I remember Metalinome and Alien Bandel well.

Don’t they look good?

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