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Go Nagai Toy Exhibition #3

A great number of Go Nagai character toys were on display in the venue. I myself remember I built a plastic model of Mazinger Z as a kid, and, if my memory is correct, it was supposed to walk when the Hover Pilder when docking on Mazinger’s head as the bottom of the Pilder and the head had metal plates to transmit electricity, but it didn’t work well somehow.

As I am not familiar with current trends of such toys including real-looking ones finely elaborated. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen so many Kotetsu Jeeg toys.

There were toys that were utterly unfamiliar to me. The rightmost ones are cheap-looking wooden Mazinger Z toys with deliberate crudity seemingly named “This Is Not It” Mazinger. It is hilarious for sure, but it makes me wonder who would buy such toys while they are quite expensive (about $80). A good deal?

The copies of these panels with Go Nagai’s characters drawn by recent illustrators were also on sale in which each character is portrayed in a fashionable way more like current manga products while they make me fully aware that these illustrations were done excellently with a great deal of respect for Nagai’s characters.

I myself absolutely like the illustrations drawn by Nagai himself when the products were actually being covered in the magazines while I find them illustrated with extremely impressive strokes as he was in his prime in those days.

Along with the characters and toys, the theme songs of Go Nagai’s anime products were always playing in the background in the venue and made me feel so nostalgic that I couldn’t resist singing softly to myself while watching the items.

It was quite an enjoyable exhibition although I came across it by sheer chance. Hope my articles got to convey the ambiance of the exhibition!

I cordially wish Nagai good health, longevity and every success in his further career as a great manga artist!

Go Nagai Toy Exhibition #2

Along with Mazinger and Devilman at the entrance, the three super robots, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Grendizer were also kind enough to warmly welcome me.

Each of these human-sized statues is impressive enough while a proportion with a perspective apparently affected by recent anime robots such as Gundom is found to have been applied to the model with details of the joints also added.

I also like the design of Great Mazinger although the show might not be so popular as Mazinger Z. I find it attractive that Brain Condor’s vertical stabilizer sticks out forward alongside of the simple V-shaped heating plates, Buresuto Bān (Breast Burn) in Japanese, on the chest with a sharp point at each end while I think the design looks more sophisticated than that of Mazinger Z.

Grendizer looks so cool. I had not been aware that the character looked so good even though it is a character I like.

All of these statues were on sale (build-to-order) at the price from 350,000 yen to more than 370,000 yen. Although the nice-looking statues make me feel like getting them, I can not afford to buy either of them, of course, and it makes me imagine how hard it will be to find a space to place one at home except those who live in a big house.

Go Nagai Toy Exhibition #1

I recently came across the toy exhibition of the characters created by Go Nagai at Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. While it is not related to the Ultra Series predominantly covered on this blog, let me show you what it looked like.

It seems that this event was held in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Go Nagai’s career as a manga artist.

Although I am not following his manga works lately, there should be people who like his characters among my readers, and it surely makes me feel nostalgic as well.

Mazinger and Devilman were nice enough to warmly welcome me at the entrance. Actually I visited his manga production company Dynamic Production several times as a fan when I was a kid to see how manga products were created back then (it is unbelievable from today’s standpoint that fans were allowed to get in at that time) when Mazinger and Devilman were serialized in manga magazines.

I remember I was amazed at what the manga version Devilaman looked like when one of my friends showed the manga magazine to me as I only knew the anime version of Devilman that just started airing in those days.

While I was drawn to the manga version Devilaman who looked more monsterous, the anime version makes me aware he is attractive enough in himself when reviewed now as he looks more like a hero.

It is known that the character was created to make it look like an American comic superhero while applying the shape of a bat to its head, and it is said that the design was modified into the manga version for readers at a higher age than anime viewers.