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Episode Episode 27: The Disappearance of Flight 206
Alias Four Dimension Monster
Height 30 meters (fang length: 11 meters)
Weight 25,000 tons
Homeplace Four-dimensional universe
Features Giant seal
Sculptor Remodeled from a Toho monster
Actor Yukio Fukutome

Todola is the monster found living in the four-dimensional space that appeared all of a sudden above Tokyo.

Flight 206, Japan’s first supersonic passenger aircraft, with Manjome and Ippei aboard slipped into the space on their return trip from Hong Kong where pilot training sessions were held.

With the other passengers including a vicious criminal, Taro Orion (Nadao Kirino who was to play Keronia’s human form in Ultraman), arrested in Hong Kong on board with a detective, they wandered into the mysterious universe.


When Manjome, Ippei and the pilots got out of the plane threatened by Taro at gunpoint, they found remains of wartime fighter planes that probably went missing in action.

After Taro died in a fight with Manjome by being sucked in under a smoke, Todola emerged and started approaching Flight 206 with roars.

While the pilots were injured by stray bullets fired by Taro, Manjome and Ippei managed to fly the passenger plane and to leave the four-dimensional space before Todola came at the airliner.

Todola was blown off with the jet from the nozzles and disappeared.

Taro Orion (what a frumpy nickname…)

After Flight 206 took off, the four-dimensional universe that looks like a cloud also vanished into thin air (I quite love these SFX scenes with a handmade feel that look great).

Todola is the monster remodeled from South Pole Monster Magma that appeared in the 1962 Toho movie ‘Gorath.’

The name Todola came from todo, Japanese word for sea lion while the monster is just described as Giant Seal in the play.

Todola seems to be a monster hastily applied to this episode that was primarily to feature no monster while being produced as one of the UNBALANCE episodes before it was turned into a kaiju series as Ultra Q.

Flight 206 flown by Manjome and Ippei heading for a swirl seemingly connected to the three-dimensional universe



Episode Episode 26: Blazing Victory
Alias Deep Sea Monster
Height 20 centimeters – 30 meters
Weight 500 grams – 15,000 tons
Homeplace Super-deep sea
Features Capable of changing the body size
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Unknown (One explanation has it that it was made by the Ex Production)
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura

Peter is an ultra-deep-sea organism whose scientific name is (fictionally) set to be alligetortoise.

While it looks like a chameleon and has an elastic tongue actually like the lizard, it’s capable of increasing and decreasing the size of the body as a chameleon changes the color of the body.

Although it’s a tiny lizard-like creature in water, it changes into a giant form in the atmosphere.

Joe and tiny Peter (with a live baby alligator used for shooting these scenes)

It’s kept as a pet by a professional boxer named Dynamite Joe while he found Peter foresaw his winning matches although Manjome assumed that it should be something like autosuggestion.

One day Joe hid himself with Peter as it predicted that it would be his turn to be knocked out in the upcoming world boxing championship match, and he was found to be working as a clown in a dinner show at a hotel (seemingly quite abrupt).

Peter grew to the size of 30 meters (presumably as it was exposed to the heat) in a mountain fire caused by a lightning strike.

While Joe attempted to lure Peter to the sea for downsizing, it mistakenly kicked oil drums on its way, and it’s alleged to have died in flames caused by the oil.

As its fictional scientific name shows, it seems that it was initially planned to be a monster with a tortoise-like shell on its back.

It’s well known that Peter was converted into Guesra of Ultraman.

Although I had believed Peter was made by Ryosaku Takayama for long, I have now realized it’s unknown who modeled the monster suit while it was definitely Takayama who remodeled the costume into that of Guesra.



Episode Episode 24: The Idol of Goga
Alias Shell Beast
Height 20 meters (at maximum)
Weight 20,000 tons (at muximum)
Homeplace Arve (fictional nation), South Asia
Features Having been sealed in the Idol of Goga
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor None (puppet)

Goga is the shell monster that goes down as a formidable kaiju which ruined the Aranka Empire overnight 6,000 years ago when the creature revived as vice thrived there.

Although it had been sealed in the Idol of Goga brought in Tokyo by an atrocious gang of smugglers, the radiation the idol was exposed to, when X-rays were taken of it, ended up bringing the monster back to life.

And Goga started destroying the streets of Tokyo in giant form.

While it has a shell shaped like a turban shell and a snail-like body, it’s capable of firing a beam from the eyes that burns up a human and of digging through the earth with a drill it has on the tip of the shell.

Tiny Goga having come out of the idol with charming little eyes glowing

Goga can also roll on the ground when moving.

Whereas it was feared that Tokyo would be annihilated like the Aranka Empire all over again, as legend has it that Goga is to fall down in a sea of flames, a concerted attack the Self-Defense Forces flamethrowers launched on Goga beat the monster by making it burst into flames.

Goga is a monster I find pretty attractive, and it’s also fun to see it have a drill to dig its way through underground, which is a feature making it look more like an Ultra kaiju than a mere giant shell.

I also like finding the entire shell glows creepily.

Goga going into its glowing shell

A drill similar to a turban shell was applied to Gubila of Ultraman as well while the head of Kanegon is also shaped like the shell.

The story connected with an ancient civilization is another fun thing reminiscent of Episode 19 ‘Demons Rise Again’ in Ultraman.

It is also noteworthy that Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, the original Ultraman actor, played a gang member who was killed when shot with a beam fired from the Idol of Goga. (Goga defeated Ultraman ahead of Zetton…)

I found the settings of an ancient idol with a monster sealed inside was truly creepy and horrifying as a child.

A gang member acted by Furuya looking at the Idol of Goga whose eyes are gleaming in the darkness (Let me refrain from posting the image as I find it so creepy)



Episode Episode 23: Fury of the South Sea
Alias Giant Octopus
Height 100 meters (tentacle length: 200 meters)
Weight 30,000 tons
Homeplace Compass Island
Features Living in the water called the Sea of Death
Sculptor Remodeled from the giant octopus used in ‘Frankenstein vs. Baragon’; Ryosaku Takayama (a giant tentacle)
Actor None (puppet and live octopus with scenes partly diverted from ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla’)

Sudar is a giant octopus living in the sea of Compass Island located in the Pacific Ocean.

It sank fishing vessels passing in the waters nearby by coiling around them with its tentacles like legendary Kraken while the seas were called ‘Sea of Death’ by residents of the island.

Although Sudar was a monster that had caused human casualties among the residents, it had been deemed as a guardian of the island that protected it from enemies from outside at the same time.

Sudar also attacked and sank a Japanese fishing vessel passing through the sea area while a young fisherman Yuji (Akira Kubo) survived the disaster alone with the other crew members including his father killed.

Anita and Yuji taking the lead in fighting against Sudar as their beloved family members were killed by the monster

Yuji was saved by Anita (Noriko Takahashi), a young woman of Compass Island, when he was drifted ashore on the beach and swore revenge on Sudar while learning that Anita’s father and elder brother were also killed by the monster.

And the UN fighter squadron went into action at the request of Manjome and Ippei who accompanied Yuriko visiting the island for news gathering of the Sea of Death.

After Sudar was driven off its habitat by the fighters’ attacks and landed on the island, it was beaten by people who joined forces in fighting against the giant octopus with spears and rifles while a man was strangled to death by a tentacle.

With Sudar wiped off, Yuji decided to live with the people including Anita on the island where peace was restored.

This episode seems to have been produced on the premise of making the giant octopus used in Toho movies appear on TV.

Yuji and Anita seeing off Manjome and the others about to leave Compass Island



Episode Episode 22: Metamorphosis
Alias Giant Butterfly
Height 80 centimeters
Wingspan 2 meters
Weight 100 grams
Homeplace Tateshina Plateau
Features Having toxic scales
Actor None (puppet)

Giant Morphos are huge morpho butterflies found in the welands area Koji wandered into.

Koji was an academic studying entomology, and a normal-sized morpho caught his eye when he visited Tateshina Plateau, Nagano Prefecture, with his fiancée, Ayako, although it’s not a species supposed to be in Japan.

Ayako tried to chase Koji who went into the deep woods attracted to the butterfly, and she found him writhing with Giant Morphos flying above.

After he drank the water of a swamp with burning thirst caused by the toxic scales Giant Morphos are set to have, Ayako found Koji who had transformed into a giant in the woods in a few days.

Giant Koji

Regrettably, the depiction ended up leaving it unclear what caused him to have become a giant: Giant Morpho’s scales or the water, or could be the combined effect of both. (since a book I read as a kid back then explained it was because of the scales, that made me think I’d never get close to morphos if any.)

When Ayako guided Manjome and the others to the swamp, it was found to have dried up and disappeared.

The area Koji and Ayako stepped into looks to be exactly the Unbalance Zone, another universe especially featured in the episodes produced as the ones of UNBALANCE that was the title of the series before it was changed into Ultra Q.

Giant Morphos seem to be portrayed as what represents the entryway to another universe we don’t know…