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Episode Episode 28: Open Up!
Modeling Modeled after the real-life Odakyu Romancecar train of the type on operation back then

Another Dimension Train is a train that serves as a springboard to connect this universe to another universe in another dimension.

While a sci-fi writer, Kenji Tomono (Hideyo Amamoto), dealt with vanishing people as themes featuring those who slipped into a universe transcending time and space, he happened to ride on an elevator going down seemingly endlessly.

When the door opened, a sight of a utopia unfolded before his eyes, and he found, surprisingly enough, many people had already lived there even with children newly born in the location.

Tomono describes the world as not a mere extension or imitation of this world but something awesome beyond imagination.

Besides the train and the elevator, a streetcar that possibly serves as another jumping board for another dimension also appears in this episode.

Sawamura (front) and Tomono (center) in the train for another dimension

Sawamura, a middle-aged man who looks awkward and clumsy, happened to ride on the train for another dimension by chance.

When he met Tomono and the other passengers in the train and was informed of the train’s destination, sights of his boss at work, his gentle wife and little daughter appeared outside of the train windows as the train passed through the past timeline.

At the sights of his beloved family, Sawamura started crying, “I can’t go yet! Let me off! Open up!”

Whereas he was allowed to get off the train, what awaited him was annoying realities: his fussy wife persistently nagging him, his grown-up daughter bursting into tears at her parents’ discord and his boss yelling at him…

Possibly ‘Another Dimension Streetcar’ soaring up into the sky that is portrayed to have been caught on film by an amateur photographer

With determination, Sawamura said goodbye to his boss and wandered into the night street shouting desperately at the train for another dimension passing in the air, “Take me where ever you go! Give me a ride!”

But the train just went passing by through the night sky leaving him alone.

Kan Yanagiya’s weird performance as Sawamura in the ending scenes looks impressively erratic (he acted Detective Udagawa in Episode 19 of Ultra Q).

It’s known that this episode ended up being replaced by ‘Ultraman Eve Festival’ and was aired for the first time when the show was re-broadcast.

It was because the episode with no monster could put a damper on the rising viewership boosted by the ‘kaiju boom’ that arose from Godzilla movies and Ultra Q.

Utopia witnessed by Tomono



Episode Episode 25: The Devil Child
Alias Devil Child
Features Lily’s mind separated from her body
Actress Noriko Sakabe

Devil Child Lily is the electrically materialized mind of a young girl, Lily, who works in a troupe of magicians with her father, Akanuma (Yoshio Kosugi).

With a magic trick shown by putting the girl under hypnosis in which her mind separated from her body walks in the air, Lily’s mind started wandering around every night spontaneously coming out of her body due to excessively frequent hypnotization.

And Devil Child Lily caused disasters involving people in accidents.

While items lost in the accident scenes were found in Lily’s music box before she knew it, the alter ego brought a troupe member and two press people of the Mainichi Shimpo to death.

Lily and Akanuma bowing to the audience

In the end, Devil Child Lily tried to kill Lily by attracting her to a railway track to make her hit by a train.

Manjome and Ippei rushed to the site with the Ultra-short Wave Diathermy, a device developed by Dr. Ichinotani to control the human body electricity as the materialization of the mind is assumed to be caused by a kind of electrical synapse phenomenon.

When the train was getting close to her, Manjome managed to rescue Lily after her mind and body united into one and returned to the normal state by the diathermy device.

Ippei operating the Ultra-short Wave Diathermy

After the case was solved, Lily and Akanuma were found performing ordinary magic tricks happily without the use of hypnosis.

At the end of the episode, it’s narrated that Lily was not Devil Child and the evil lies not in her but in a distorted environment.

I know this episode is always referred to as the most horrifying product of Ultra Q among people who saw it as a child like me.

I also find Akanuma as creepy as Devil Child Lily when I see this episode now although he’s portrayed as a man who definitely loves his daughter.

It gives me a sense of history to find the train approaching Lily is a steam locomotive while the scenes are said to have been shot on the Hachiko Line in the suburb of Tokyo back then.

Akanuma trying to put Lily under hypnosis without which she can’t fall asleep



Episode Episode 22: Metamorphosis
Alias None
Height 20 meters
Weight 500 tons
Homeplace Wetland
Features Giant
Actor Kozo Nomura

Giant is the form a man named Koji mutated into while chasing a morpho butterfly that is supposed to inhabit South America.

When Koji wandered into wetlands and was exposed to toxic scales of giant butterflies found there, he turned into the giant after drinking the water of a swamp. (It is also explained in publications that the toxic scales made him become a giant.)

Ayako, Koji’s wife-to-be and one of Yuriko’s friends, ran away in fear abandoning the giant her lover transformed into.

Koji in delight at the sight of a morpho butterfly with Ayako aside

While a tumult arose among people who found the giant’s footsteps in the woods and thought there could be an abominable snowman, the giant showed up in front of people.

As Koji turned feral after the transformation, the giant doesn’t speak words while just growling and roaring at people and started destroying a village.

Ayako thought that it was only her who could save koji and begged him to return to the mountains from a fire lookout.

When the giant tried to grab her, he was shot with the Heat Atomic X-ray Dr. Ichinotani developed and turned back to the normal size.

This is an episode questioning whether your love remains unchanged even if your lover should slip into the Unbalance Zone.

The giant emerged in a village

According to one explanation, this episode featuring a giant could have developed into the idea of a giant superhero fighting against monsters along with the 1965 movie ‘Frankenstein vs. Baragon’ co-produced by Toho and UPA, and it was realized in Ultraman.

Kozo Nomura who played Koji (and the giant) appeared as Dr. Miyabe in Episode 19 of Ultraseven.

Machiko Naka as Ayako also acted Mrs. Ishiguro in Episode 2 of Ultraseven.

It’s awful to find her lover and husband always transform into a monster while she acted a good-natured woman all the time.

Ayako running toward the giant



Episode Episode 17: The 1/8 Project
Height 1/8
Weight 1/8
Features 1/8

One-eighth humans are humans who have been reduced to 1/8 the normal size to solve overpopulation of Tokyo with the world’s highest population density.

They are managed in the area named District S13 with the whole city built at 1/8 scale where they are exempted from work and taxes while they are identified by citizen numbers they are given instead of using names.

Yuriko happened to be accidentally included in applicants rushing to sign up for the 1/8 Project, and she was shrunk to a 1/8 sized human in the shrinking machine.


Desiring to go back to the normal sized world, Yuriko attempted to escape from the shrunk city, and she managed to reach the Hoshikawa Aviation where Manjome and Ippei should be there.

But, when she found a portrait of her there as she was deemed to have died, she was shocked and returned to the 1/8 city leaving a farewell message to them on paper.

Manjome and Ippei who stepped into the 1/8 city as they remained normal in size finally found Yuriko.


But she refused to go back with them and fell unconscious when she was mobbed by a crowd of people escaping at the sight of the normal-sized humans like monsters.

It’s a relief to learn that everything was a dream she had while she was unconscious after falling down the stairs and losing consciousness in a crowd at a train station jammed with people.

After having been shrunk to a 1/8 sized human in this episode, Hiroko Sakurai who played Yuriko was made into 40 meters tall Giant Fuji in Episode 33 ‘The Forbidden Words’ of Ultraman.