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Alien Zarab design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “I tried to make something that would make you unaware of the neck and shoulders.”

Narita’s remark tells us that how to hide the human body shape was an essential part of making kaiju characters to be played by actors with costumes.

The body of Alien Zarab is described to be the reuse of that of Giant Ragon with the fins removed.

Tetsuo Yamamura says in a book that the Zarab head was made from FRP coated with latex on the surface. He assumes the legs of the body might have been shortened as he found the alien was short although Umenosuke Izumi who played Giant Ragon was a tall man.

As I have already talked about it, Alien Zarab’s hollowed eyes show some characteristics typical to Narita while each eye has an eye hole in the center with radiation lines coming from the center outwardly (or the other way around).

The same type of eyes were applied to Ultraseven and Human that Narita designed while the radiation lines seem to have been left out for the mask of Human.

Alien Zarab at the back of the Bisen studio

The mouth movement of Alien Zarab is said to have been brought about by a balloon set inside. Although human-sized Zarab had ears that were found to rise from the head, he only had hollows for those parts when he turned into the giant version.

As Narita’s design of this alien has no raised ears, I guess the tokusatsu part featuring giant Zarab might have been filmed ahead of the drama part that featured human-sized Zarab while the raised ears were added to the costume perhaps because the head shape could look too plain when viewed from the front.

You can see that the head part was not attached and integrated to the body but was just fastened to the body part with bands or straps.

Alien Zarab II had no difference in appearance from the first Alien Zarab with his ears in the caved-in state. His silence opposite to the talkative first Zarab makes us aware Zarab II was being manipulated by Alien Mefilas or just an illusion created by Mefilas.

I think I will post another entry in the future on the making of Fake Ultraman that Alien Zarab changed into along with the making of Zoffy.

(About the cabbage and Alien Zarab, see this post)



Episode Episode 39: “Farewell, Ultraman”
Alias None
Height 45 m
Weight 45,000 t
Emergence SSSP Japan Headquarter
Homeplace Land of Light, Nebula M78
Features Colleague of Ultraman’s
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Unknown
Actor Satoshi (Bin) Furuya

Zoffy is a member of the Space Ranger of the Land of Light, Nebula M78.

He’s a colleague of Ultraman’s and came flying to bring Ultraman defeated by Zetton back home.

He was reset to be the oldest brother of the Ultra/Ultraman Brothers and the captain of the Space Ranger in the later Ultra Series of the 1970s.

After Zetton was beaten by the SSSP, Zoffy showed up from the sky. (You’re too late!)

He turned into a red light ball which exactly looks like the one we saw in Episode 1 of this series and had Ultraman lying on the ground attracted into it.

Given Zoffy identified himself as such in front of Ultraman, the two presumably didn’t know each other until that time.

Although Zoffy suggested Ultraman to go back home with him, Ultraman insisted he would stay on the earth because Hayata would die if Ultraman should return home.

Zoffy preached the value of peace on earth lies in being grasped by the hands of humans and that Ultraman should not stay on indefinitely.

Ultraman agreed to it offering to give his life to Hayata, and, at this time, it was revealed Ultraman was at the age of 20,000.

Moved by these words and learning Ultraman’s love for eartghlings, Zoffy gave Hayata the other one of the ‘two lives’ he brought with him. (You’re too late, Zoffy…)

Thus Hayata and Ultraman got separated from each other, which made Hayata lose his memory of what happened while he was united with Ultraman.

The SSSP members including puzzled Hayata watched Ultraman and Zoffy leave the earth for home.


Episode Episode 39: “Farewell, Ultraman”
Alias Space Dinosaur
Height 60 m
Weight 30,000 t
Emergence SSSP Japan Headquarter
Homeplace Space
Features Controlled by the mysterious alien; defeating Ultraman completely
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Zetton is a space monster described as Space Dinosaur which came out of the mysterious aliens‘ largest spacecraft.

It’s known as the strongest monster which, of all things, defeated Ultraman completely.

Always emitting a characteristic electric sound (I like this), Zetton disabled Ultraman’s attacks such as Catch Ring and Ultra Slash by using its barrier and so on.

It also has the ability to teleport which disturbed Ultraman.


The space dinosaur absorbed Ultraman’s Spaceum Beam and emitted a wave-like beam in exchange which hit the Color Timer and
made Ultraman fall down to the ground.

At the end, the formidable enemy was smashed into pieces in mid air by the Zero Gravity Shot which was a prototype just finished by the Science Center.

It’s amazing to see Dr. Iwamoto, who was rescued out of the SSSP building, take the new weapon out of the inner pocket of his jacket in such a casual way.  Yes, I like that!!!  🙂


The stylish form of Zetton with no features and expressions on its face, which makes it look emotionless enough, was so impressive as well although it’s an abominable monster which defeated our hero.

Its back like a longicorn beetle also looks attractive.

As described in the post on Saigo, I heard Zetton could have been an alien controlling Saigo.

If that’s true, I imagine that could be why both of them have similar projections on the face.

But I think it’s Zetton that deserves to be a monster for the final episode.



Episode Episode 39: “Farewell, Ultraman”
Alias Transformation Mystery Man
Height 2 m
Weight 60 kg
Emergence SSSP Japan Headquarter
Homeplace Space
Features Controlling Zetton; transforming into Dr. Iwamoto
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Unknown

This is a mysterious and enigmatic alien who controls Space Dinosaur Zetton.

Although he’s now commonly known as Alien Zetton for the sake of convenience, he seems to have been described just as Mysterious Alien in the script.

It’s assumed the aliens had watched for the opportunity to invade the earth for more than 40 years prudently.

The big one contains Space Dinosaur Zetton

His head apparently has the same appearance as Kemur appearing in Ultra Q and Ultraman.

The head of Alien Zetton seems to be attached with a different angle from Kemur, which made Alien Zetton look like a single-eyed alien. (Both of them are three-eyed actually.)

And Alien Zetton doesn’t have the hair Kemur had around the neck, either.


In the close-up scene, we can see Kemur have had eyebrows.

The shape of the hands is also different though it remains unknown what the body looks like due to the business suit Alien Zetton wore.

Because he sneaked into the SSSP Japan Headquarter disguising himself as Dr. Iwamoto.

While a group of their spacecrafts approaching the earth with the VTOLs in action to intercept them, he made Fuji fall unconscious by wringing her neck and destroyed the machines of the control room.


Cornered by the other SSSP members and knocked to the ground by Arashi, he showed his true colors.

Shot by Hayata with the Mars 133, he vanished into thin air groaning the name of Zetton in agony.

The fact no one of the SSSP members didn’t refer to the alien as Kemur told us kids he’s a different alien from Kemur, leaving us a bit puzzled abut it.

I think we called him ‘Alien like Kemur controlling Zetton’ in my childhood with no choice at the time.



Episode Episode 38: “The Spaceship Rescue Command”
Alias Sand Hell Monster
Height 45 m
Weight 40,000 t
Emergence Planet Q
Homeplace Planet Q
Features Breathing out sand cloud; inconspicuous
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Eiichi Matsushima

Saigo is a space monster dwelling underground on Planet Q.

In spite of the somber impression, Saigo compares favorably with  Keylla in strength.

In the battle with Keylla, Saigo overpowered Keylla initially taking a bite at Keylla, mounting it or breathing out sand cloud.

But Keylla’s flash light from its eyes caused Saigo to escape into underground.


Saigo emerged from underground before the SSSP’s Space Tank.

And then it was smashed into pieces by the SNK Missiles launched from the tank.

I think Saigo is the most low-profile monster among the monsters of Ultraman but Suflan.

Although Saigo is often described as a monster which digs a trap in the ground in wait for prey like an ant lion, there is no scene like that.

Sand Cloud Attack

At any rate, the darkness on Planet Q and the dark color of the body makes the monster so inconspicuous that I didn’t remember this monster in my childhood.

It’s a well-made monster in itself both in design and sculpturing.

The name Saigo means last or end in Japanese.

According to one explanation I heard, Saigo was supposed to be the monster for the final episode of Ultraman.

And Zetton was designed as an alien who controls Saigo.

The name Zetton came from the last letter of the alphabet.

Space Tank