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Episode Episode 36: “Arashi, Don’t Shoot!”
Alias Transformation Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Tokyo
Homeplace Unknown
Features Strengthening body constitution ; emitting light of 60 million Candelas
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Zaragas is a monster which appeared as if from nowhere along with a flash of light from the sky and red smoke from the ground.

It’s hard to handle because the more it strengthens the body constitution the more it gets attacked.

A shell it had on top of the head, on the chest and the back respectively came off when the constitution got reinforced.

Zaragas with the shells on

That also makes Zaragas more aggressive.

With shells gone, holes on the head and a number of pipes on the chest and back appeared.

And it emitted a flash of blinding light from there.

The light of 60 million Candelas was so intense that it deprived people of their eyesight.


It made even Ultraman who mounted the monster half-blind for a short while with his eyes lit off.

It was a relief to see his eyes get back the light again which showed hie eyesight came back as well.

It’s amazing the eyes lit and off give us such a different impression.

Though it’s described as Transformation Monster, it’s not that Zaragas turns into a different form but the shells just come off.

Anyway I like Zaragas because I find a monster whose armor-like shells come off amusing along with its massive appearance.

Its horn craft-like horn looks so beautiful and attractive including its shape with a subtle curve.

It’s also fun to see it have pipes with a flush bulb in each of them which look like artificial objects anyway you look at them, which makes me think the monster could be the one from space.

It shows an unexpected side of sleeping sitting properly as well, which looks cute.




Episode Episode 35: “The Monster Graveyard”
Alias Phantom Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 30,000 t
Emergence Tokyo
Homeplace The Monster Graveyard
Features Timidity; Missing home
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Following Skydon posted yesterday, Seabose is another odd monster.

It was a monster drifting in the area of space named the Monster Graveyard where the monsters hurled into space by Ultraman and the ones expelled from another planet were drifting eternally.

On the same occasion, Japan’s first moon rocket entered the Monster Graveyard accidentally and returned to the earth with a monster never seen before attached on it.


That was Seabose.

Though the skeleton-like body makes him look exactly like a monster from a graveyard, Seabose was a timid monster which just kept crying out missing home by looking up to the sky.

The SSSP members tried to take Seabose back home by getting him tied up to the Moon Rocket 2 (I love this easy name!), but it failed as the monster pushed the rocket down and destroyed it.

Ultraman also failed to fly holding Seabose to take him back to space because time was up.

Seabose destroyed the Moon Rocket 2

At Hayata’s suggestion, the wrecked Moon Rocket 2 was converted into what looked like Ultraman to make the monster feel at ease.

Because Seabose knew Ultraman attempted to take him back to space.

The monster at a loss was led by Ultraman and reached the graveyard successfully.

For a monster hated and driven out wherever they are, the Monster Graveyard could be the only place to stay peacefully.

Seabose holds on to the Ultraman Rocket



Episode Episode 34: “A Gift from the Sky”
Alias Megaton Monster
Height 60 m
Weight 200,000 t
Emergence Harumi Pier
Homeplace Unknown
Features Heavy; breathing out fire; staying asleep with a loud snore
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Eiichi Matsushima

I have to tell you beforehand this episode featuring Skydon is a comical one along with the following episode having Seabose in it.

Skydon is an odd monster which is just heavy.

Yes. Just heavy.

One day it came flying together with a giant light ball from the sky and fell down to the ground at Harumi pier of Tokyo Port all of a sudden.

It’s a monster exactly like a bolt from the blue.


And it does nothing in particular except breathing out fire and staying asleep snoring loudly for the rest of time.

Weighing as much as 200,000 tons, it’s heavy enough to collapse the ground when moving.

Even Ultraman was unable to lift it up.

As all Ultraman’s punching attacks from a mount position had no effect on the monster, and his attempt to pull its tail left it utterly unmoved.

It made even mighty Ultraman withdraw temporarily.

The SSSP carried out operations one after another to desert the heavy monster far into space.

They vainly tried to make it fly into the sky with wires from the VTOLs, by an auto gyro and by a rocket shot into it.

Though they finally succeeded in making it fly away by filling it with helium like a balloon, it was mistakenly shot by a fighter of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force unaware of the case. (Could it happen?)

As the SSSP members were informed of the accident when eating curry and rice, it’s well known that Hayata mistakenly raised a spoon instead of Beta Capsule for transformation.

When falling back from the sky again, Skydon was smashed into pieces in a mid-air head-on collision with Ultraman who came flying from below vertically.




Episode Episode 33: “The Forbidden Words”
Alias None
Height 40 m
Weight 10,000 t
Emergence Marunouchi, Tokyo
Homeplace Marunouchi, Tokyo
Features Destroying buildings
Designer None
Sculptor None
Actress Hiroko Sakurai

Giant Fuji is not a monster accurately, but she is described as the same as monster and shot by the police squad in the episode.

Actually she went on a rampage destroying buildings in the streets of Marunouchi area, business district in the heart of Tokyo.

Giant Fuji was what Akiko Fuji was turned into and controlled by Mefilas.


Just like a robot controlled by Mefilas, Giant Fuji didn’t respond at all and remained emotionless and speechless although the SSSP members kept calling to her desperately.

She began to rampage by the command of Mefilas who went mad at the disobedience Satoru showed to him.

She just forced her way and approached the SSSP members with no expression in her face even brandishing her fist to strike down the building with the members on the roof, which was so scary to me.

She bounced back the bullets shot by the police squad.

When Giant Fuji vanished, Alien Baltan (III) appeared instead where she was.

Akiko Fuji didn’t remember she was made a giant after she was rescued from Mefilas’ spaceship along with Satoru by Cap. Muramatsu and Ide and the case was solved.


Alien Baltan III

Alien Mefilas is said to have Alien Baltan, Alien Zarab and Kemur  under his control.

Mefilas had these aliens come up to show his strength saying he’s capable of making them go on a rampage anytime if he should tell them to do so.

As they disappeared soon without doing anything, it remains unknown if these aliens were real ones or just insubstantial images Mefilas created as a bluff.

Alien Zarab II

Alien Baltan (III) has the same appearance as Alien Baltan (II), not the first Baltan,  just with a slight difference in color.

Alien Zarab (II) is also painted a bit differently from the first one.

Kemur (II) is the same alien as the one appearing in “Ultra Q.”

Kemur’s body looks different from the first Kemur with a different painting.

He looks better built than the first one who looked so thin as the latter was played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya. the original Ultraman actor.

Kemur II

The reappearance of these three aliens as servants under Mefilas had a great impact on us kids at the time anyway.

As to the actors:

Baltan III: Hakuyoji Watanabe

Zarab II: Unknown

Kemur II: It’s said to be played by Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla actor, but it’s not mentioned in the book “‘MR. GODZILLA’ HARUO NAKAJIMA.” 



Episode Episode 33: “The Forbidden Words”
Alias Vicious Alien
Height 2 m – 60 m
Weight 40 t – 20,000 t
Emergence Initially in his spaceship hidden underground
Homeplace Planet Mefilas
Features Various beam techniques; having the other aliens in tow
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Koji Ougi (voice: Seizo Kato)

Alien Mefilas is the fourth alien appearing in “Ultraman.”

He’s a very impressive and unforgettable alien with great popularity along with Alien Baltan.

Kidnapping HayataAkiko Fuji and her brother Satoru, Mefilas controlled Akiko as huge Giant Fuji and made her rampage in the streets.

He also had Alien Baltan, Alien Zarab and Kemur in tow as his servants though it remains unknown whether they were substantial or mere illusions Mefilas created as a bluff.


According to Mefilas, he hates violence unlike the other aliens and came here to challenge human mind.

He’s one developed form of an alien throughout “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman” both in design and in how to be depicted.

First of all, he speaks to humans in the human language (Japanese) directly and freely like aliens of following “Ultra Seven.”

All  his predecessors in “Ultraman” didn’t do so or did so only through an interpreting device.


Mefilas speaks in a gentlemanly tone but loses his temper easily, and he showed combat strength comparing favorably with that of Ultraman.

After an exchange of beam techniques with Ultraman including an areal battle, Mefilas suggested Ultraman to stop the fruitless fight between aliens admitting he lost to human mind.

He vanished into thin air leaving a laughter pledging to surely come back again to challenge and win human mind.




Episode Episode 32: “The Endless Counterattack”
Alias Scorching Heat Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence In the mountains near Kamakura
Homeplace In the mountains near Kamakura
Features Emitting heat of 100,000 degrees
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Zumbolar is a four-footed monster which appeared near Kamakura known as a world-famous scenic area of Japan.

It has a fin which shines red with high heat on the back which looks so beautiful.

It emits heat wave as high as 100,000 degrees Celsius (180,032 Fahrenheit) in temperature out of the fin and caused large-scale wildfires and also ruined a chemical plant in the mountains.


The temperature of the heat is so high as it can set tanks ablaze which went into action and melt them down.

Zumbolar was a monster which came up in retaliation for forest exploitation which went so far as to destroy its habitat in the mountains.

So the monster could symbolize counterattack of nature to humans.

Although the episode title is meant to show it, I have to admit it was hard for me to get the message until recently.


This episode also features a member Patty from the SSSP India Branch who looks really charming.

It’s said the Ultra Series were produced on the premise of export and there was an agreement, though occasionally neglected, among the producers to make the episodes free from things unique to Japan.

But, in this episode, it’s fun to see Hayata guide Patty around Kamakura, which should be interesting to people abroad.

Hayata showed his playful side by cheating to win the game to be a guide for Patty, which was also fun.



Episode Episode 31: “Who Goes There?”
Alias Blood-sucking Plant
Height 50 cm – 50 m
Weight 80 g – 10,000 t
Emergence SSSP Japan Headquarter
Homeplace South America
Features High intelligence; flammable in infancy; resistible to Spaceum Beam
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Koji Ougi
Human Form Nadao Kirino

Keronia is a plant human having the body covered with leaves who evolved from blood-sucking plants Dr. Jiro Goto discovered in South America 20 years ago.

They evolved into higher forms of life exceeding humankind and feeding chiefly on human blood.

And they plotted to invade the earth as intelligent life in place of human beings.

He sneaked into the SSSP Japan Headquarter by disguising himself as an SSSP member from the equivalent of South America.

Goto and welcoming Ide

He identified himself as Dr. Goto’s son and pretended to have come back to Japan for the first time in 20 years.

At the same time mysterious-looking plants appeared in a city which were actually infant Keronia that Goto brought in.

Goto showed his true colors as Keronia in front of Akiko Fuji and ran away after making her faint with his mysterious beam from the eyes.

He summoned an army of their airships to launch a full-scale attack on Japan.

Giant Keronia he turned into made sounds like an elephant and went on a rampage in the streets.


Ultraman’s Spaceum Beam had no effect on Keronia.

As time was running short with Color Timer beeping, Ultraman used a technique unseen before all of a sudden.

It’s Ultra Attack Beam (It was named so in later years) which smashed Keronia.

Keronia’s airships were also destroyed by the SSSP and Ultraman.

As to the infant Keronia, Arashi reported housewives in the neighborhood happily brought the blood-sucking plants back home as they burnt well as fuel when broken down into small pieces.

Incredible housewives…

Ultra Attack Beam



Episode Episode 30: “Phantom of the Snow Mountains”
Alias Legend Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 0
Emergence Mt. Iidayama
Homeplace Mt. Iidayama
Features Protecting Yukinko (Yuki)
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Exproduction
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Woo is a mysterious and illusional monster like an abominable snowman with the entire body covered with long snowy hair.

It’s also known as the first monster which battled with Ultraman of the C Type suite (among fans). 🙂

It has the eyelids close sideways, not moving up and down.

It’s a legendary monster dwelling in the mountains of Iidayama (fictional mountain).

In the village at the foot of Mt. Iidayama there was a girl with the name of Yuki nicknamed Yukinko by village people.

Yukinko (Yuki)

Generally speaking, yukinko (snowchild) is the name of a yokai (specter) along with yukionna (literally, snowwoman) which is said to be the mother of yukinko.

They are specters talked about in legends descending from time immemorial in Japan.

Yuki was a baby found beside an unknown woman who died on the roadside in the snowy village.

The baby was taken care of and raised by a charcoal burner and grew up into a beautiful girl.

But she was left an orphan after his death.


And the girl began to be cast out by people gradually as Yukinko bringing bad luck to the village.

Woo appeared as if it tried to protect Yuki every time she was bullied and called the name.

It’s assumed Woo is the incarnation of her dead mother.

In a battle with Ultraman, Woo vanished into a blizzard in response to Yuki’s calling leaving Ultraman standing with a dazed look.

This episode was especially unique and impressive among the ones of “Ultraman.”




Episode Episode 29: “The Challenge into Subterra”
Alias Golden Monster
Height 65 m
Weight 60,000 t
Emergence Otayama gold mine
Homeplace Underground
Features Burrowing underground
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Exproduction
Actor Koji Ougi

Goldon is a monster which emerged from an abandoned gold mine.

Feeding on gold the entire body shines like gold as shown by its name, which makes the monster look so beautiful.

It has a segmented body like caterpillar as Telesdon does.

This episode has a couple of features which are pretty enjoyable.

Firstly it has two Goldons appear within the story with the second one showing up after the first one was defeated.


Secondly it features the SSSP’s new equipment Belsider as shown in the episode title.

Belsider is a prototype underground tank Ide designed and the Science Center produced.

Incidentally, it was named after a fantasy Hollow Earth novel Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

It’s a shame to see the tank appear only this time through the series.

Such an underground tank which burrows deep underground with a drill at the tip is very much exciting.

Underground tank Belsider

The Mole (Jet Mole in the Japanese language version) of a British TV SFX series “Thunderbirds” and the Magmariser of “Ultra Seven” also made us excited so much.

The first Goldon was beaten by the SSSP with their Corona Shot and Supergun.

The second one was defeated by Ultraman with Spaceum Beam.

The episode was concluded with a narration stating that pure gold as much as 150 tons was collected from the dead body of Goldon and that it was donated as reconstruction fund for the village ruined by the monster.